Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good or Bad day?

Yo peeps! Sorry for not uploading for such a long time. But I haf a lot to say now...seriously, a lot! First of all, I am forever ultimately happy to inform that I am off the hook! It is officially the end of my secondary school years symbolised by the end of SPM!

Okay, so I thought, it's really, really the end of school-ever-that has got to be a good thing, right? But apparently, my hunch about somewhere in between SPM, I'll mess up one paper or another was right! I messed up Seni today! I mean, if I take up a subject by choice, people would expect an A from me right? It's as if something is always there....lurking to ruin the best day of my 17 year old life. Worst of all, I didn't finish the painting! Come on, how hard could it be, right? But as the crappy perfectionist that I am, I can't help but fuss over every single detail of the bloody painting that I forgot to dress my humans in the painting and put hair on 'em. I left one of the most vital parts untouched! It's not like the pemeriksa is gonna appreciate the work I put on the sky behind the humans enough to overlook their transparent bodies and head! Arghh!!! It's so frustrating!! I actually cried a little after that and even did my EST 2 a little slowly.

Putting that aside, we had planned to watch Twilight that premiered today, months ago! I have waited a long time for it and even check our Steph's website every single day! Oh sure, I'm pretty happy that SPM is over but one gives me a breakkkk! Okay, a little overelaboration right there, but who cares!? It's my day! We had to rush all over to Jusco to grab the tickets right after the EST paper only to find out that there was no rushing necessary, the cinema was practically empty! And after that, we went into the box late that we missed a lil' of the front part. Okay basically...not that bad-yet.

Coming back home, my dad asked me to tundakan my NS and I was pretty dissapointed coz unlike most of the 17 year olds in Malaysia right now, I actually wanted to go NS. They had me appointed to Batch No. 3! I mean, am I not good enough for Batch 1!!?? Oh sure, they can send most of the Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and SBP students to Batch 1 but I-Audrey (Kaori) See Tho Wai Siong a suburban student from a very suburban school am not good enough for Batch 1? Well, that's just plain discrimination! They just pass on judgments to people that live outside town that they're better off at some pro-governmental camp than studying at college? We-the suburban people-are every inch as good as them, maybe even better!! Well lemme tell you something, I ain't gonna go to NS unless they shift me to Batch 1. I'll just improvise and tunda the thing until I'm 35 and don't have to go no more. Hah!

So...Good or Bad day? You be the judge!

*Just wanna remind you guys to tally up the fact that I did not even write bout Twlight-the long-awaited movie of the year-but instead, I focused on crapping bout NS.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walk A Mile You'll Never Forget

This movie is one of the very few 3 hours movie I'd watch-next to LOTR. I always knew we had the cd on our 'pirated movies only' shelf. But never really got on to actually watch it coz well, it was Rated R for violence, language and some sex-related material. Besides, I don't do Stephen King, really. Sorry, not a horror, science fiction kind of reader. It's weird, ya know? Watching some weird, supernatural, horror movie in the middle of the night-the night before my final day of trial exam. It's both disturbing and comforting, mostly the former.

It's pretty disturbing, the thing they do to the prisoners on death row. How they electrocute them at the end of their trial. They make it look like a whole stage performance! People come in wearing their best clothes and sit on chairs in front of the electric chair and witness the whole process! Well, on the bright side, at least Tom Hanks and his colleagues at Block E does it by giving the least pressure and most dignity to the prisoners.

Anyway, the whole show isn't about Tom Hanks. It's about this prisoner that has the power of faith healing. He was framed and got sentenced into death row. He could perform miracles in front of the guards' eyes! And it was amazing! Is it true? Can someone really perform miracles like that? You tell me.

Believe it or not, this movie has its funny side too. So, you can imagine the feelings flooding in throughout the whole movie. I just love it when Tom Hanks says "What happens in the mile, stays in the mile." It should be the tagline for the whole movie. If all else fails and you hate the storyline, you can still watch Tom Ha
nks, right? Who doesn't like Tom Hanks, huh? I pretty much recommend this movie to everyone. It's pretty deep, but it has a little of everything for everyone.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

ABC: The Twilight Saga

I first started getting interested in Twilight was when I heard about it from my friend and I read a story that was somewhat similar to it in The Sims 2 website. I was instantly hooked! Mind you, I'm not a fan of Twilight from the very beginning as I only picked it up when New Moon's paperback was out. And the horror of waiting for Eclipse to come out after that was too hard to bear! I saw it at selling Singapore last December but couldn't bear to buy it because as ecstatic as I was for the book, I am in equal amounts, a frugal. It was bloody RM 69.90 as the paperback wasn't out yet. I mean, the most expensive reading material I've got is my Bible and my sister bought me that! Imagine my joy as Eclipse-the book I've been waiting for 6 months-finally came out in paperback in Malaysia! I saw it on sale in MPH that day and I instantly recognized its red on black cover from 10 feet away and literally ignored my mum talking to me at that time and just ran straight across to the comfort of the bookstore. When my shaking hands touched the book and breathed in the scent of the new book, I knew I was meant to take it home.
This year, when Breaking Dawn was out on the streets, I was positive I would have to go through it all again...the waiting...the worrying...all that stuff. But no! Bless the hearts of Stephenie Meyer and all the publishers at Little Brown as they launched the paperbacks and hardcovers together and just a few days later than US. I went to Midvalley with my friend at the opening of the mall doors and waited for MPH to open just to get the final installment of the Saga. Oh...and when I stepped into the bookstore, I knew where it was. I knew where I could get the long awaited final novel just by taking a swift look around. I quickly grabbed my friend and paid up. Ahh...the serenity of finally having all 4 books.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


For once, this prayer is for Aliff and Aliff only. I'm not asking for anything else...just him. I hope my faith is strong enough for this prayer. I also hope that you guys would pray with me for him together. I know this is not much, but this is the only thing I know how to do now.

O God Almighty,
Thank you for all the grace and blessings that You have bestowed upon us. And thanks be to You for all You have done. There is so much more I want to say but now, I just want to pray for my brother, Aliff and that You help him and guide him through his troubles. I know, Lord that You placed obstacles in front of us to lead us, prepare us and tell us of something greater. You would never let us face something that we can't handle. I also know that You would always be there when we are in any complication. Lord, I pray now for Aliff's sight of Your presence and that he would always know he can depend on someone. I don't want to confront him in anything at all. All that is done is done and there is no need for us to speak about what is past. God, all that I pray for now is for him to be happy and let go of what is past. All the hatred and pain in his heart would just fade away like that is of Satan's lies when Truth is clear. I pray for him to be what he wants to be, lies and all. None of us are perfect, anyway. I pray for him to be what you created him to be. Thank you again, for your mercy and love. For now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
In God's great name I pray

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy B'day Kor...

My bro's turning 21 soon and we're celebrating it tomorrow. Woot!! Although planning the whole party wasn't sis and I managed to whip up something in time for the party. I was bossed around frequently but survived it beyond all odds. We had this tee we're wearing at the party that says; "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" which is the song we're gonna sing but failed miserably coz I'm terrible with the high notes!! Anyway...can't wait for tomorrow..!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Art of PSV

Audrey's Art Collection '08

'The Road'(8th December 2007) & 'Snow Houses'(28th August 2007)

'Fish Pond'(4th April 2008) & 'Waterfall'(29th August 2007)

'Pathway'(30th August 2007) & 'Forest Lake'(5th October 2007)

'[supposed to be cute but turned out cacat]Kitten'(30th April 2008) & 'Cloudy Day'(12th October 2007)

'Autumn Home'(22nd February 2008) & 'Lotus Koi Fish Pond'(26th May 2008)

'Fruits Basket'(27th July 2007) & 'Bird of Paradise'(10th August 2007)

Friday, May 2, 2008


Heyy people! I went to Ding!'s house today to bake a chocolate cheesecake for Pn.Shanti. YiYi and Joolz came along too! It was such a fun evening...I almost wanted to sleepover there...haha! Anyway...the cake came out so nice and creamy. Ah~ it was so deliciously tempting, we couldn't get enough of it. For more info, check out the Chocolate For Friends blog...I've even inserted video clips..^^

p/s: Yiyi took her pants off in front of me and Ding!! Haha..ok la, it wasn't actually taking off her pants. It was more like zipping the bottom leg of her pants off coz she wanted to wanted to wear short pants. I dunno how to describe...but her pants can transform into short pants from long ones.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yo Peeps!! We just created a new blog and I linked it in my blog under the name, 'Chocoholics' la...duh! Go visit it, ya? Leave your comment in the cbox. To the writers, please....feel free to write whatever crap you want in the blog, k? It's like a friendship blog. You can write anything you want and we're all there to listen and leave comments. Of course, no vulgar and no nudity in the pix, please!! Haha...

p/s: this may very well be the shortest post I've ever written...but whatever! Just stay connected and come read my blog more often, yeah? BTW, I created another new blog for my own personal use. It's like a diary/journal. So, if you wanna know what I'm going through everyday, you can read it. Toddles~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tagged: My Version

Real Name : See Tho Wai Siong
Nickname : Audrey, Kaori-chan, Siong, Ctho, Ju-On(yeah, i admit it...but it doesn't mean that I like it!)
Married : Nope
Male/Female : 30% Woman, 40% Girl, 30% Tomboy=undefined gender
High School : SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2
Short/ Long Hair : short long hair=medium hair loh~
Are u a healthy freak : Yeah..kinda. Got it from my mum.
Height : 170cm..which makes me 5ft6?
Do u have a crush on someone? : Nope...not now.
Do u like yourself : Like, duh!
Piercings : 3 on each ear
Righty of lefty : Righty

Surgery : At birth?
Piercing : Standard 1...on my ear lobe
Person u see in the morning : See Tho Wai Siong
Award : Preschool Sports Award...silver trophy, btw.. ^^
Sport you joined : Shopping!
Pet : A german spitz named June that's gonna kick the bucket soon.
Vacation : international or domestic? If domestic-Muar, Johor-I guess. International would be Hong Kong
Concert : Westlife! I still have their poster on my wall! lolx~
First crush : My standard 1 ketua kelas(1 Cempaka)

Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
I'm about to : go hit the hay

Your future...
Want kids : Yeah...2 kids of my own and adopt more kids from around the world!!
Want to get married: If got candidate ma got lo...if dun haf ma dun haf lo~
Careers in mind: Psychologist

Which is better?
Lips or eyes?: Eyes...after all, they're the windows to our souls.
Hugs or kisses: Both la..not come together wan meh?
Shorter or taller?: For me, neither coz I'm tall enough. For my guy, taller la of sense of security ma~
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous with a tiny hint of romantic coz too much romance makes me wanna hurl.
Sensitive or loud: A little of both
Troublemaker or hesitant?: Troublemaker

Have u ever....
Kissed a stranger?: What do u mean? Just kiss some random person on the street?!
Drank bubbles: If u mean non-alcoholic, just 2 days ago. If alcoholic, I'm planning to do it in after SPM.
Lost glasses/contacts: Yes! Plenty of times! ^^
Ran away from home: No...I'm a daddy's girl..^^
liked someone younger: I think so..
liked someone older: Duh~
Broke someone's heart: Yeah
Cried when someone died: Yeah

Do u believe in...
Yourself?: Yes...50%
Miracles: Yes...anything can happen
Heaven: Yeah...duh~
Santa Claus: Yes...embarassingly up until I was 8
Magic: Black Magic, yes. But I don't practice it, k?
Angels: Yup

Answer truthfully...
Is there someone you want to be with right now?: YEAH!!
Do u believe in God?: Of course..after all, who would we be without God? BTW, even Satan believes in God...

Tag 5 people:
Peachy Ng, Xin, Alep, Sal & Sheng

Monday, April 28, 2008


I had a weird dream last night. It was really long and had a lot of stuff in it but like all dreams, I forgot most of it. However, what stuck in my mind until now and possibly for the rest of my life was a short scene where Wan and Sin Yi were telling me something. Yes, Wan as in Ridzwan and Sin Yi as in Tan Sin Yi. It was really weird and shocking but it was also very true.

The dream went like this;
Wan and Sin Yi were sitiing at a desk facing each other in class. I joined in by sitting beside Sin Yi and tried to start a conversation. Then, they stopped talking altogether and just sat there, looking uncomfortable. I asked them what was the matter and why are they evading me. Then the truth slapped my face like a car ran over me. Wan told me that it's not good to talk behind people's back and gossiping. He said it like he was advising me and not accusing me or anything. Although they didn't say that they were afraid I would talk bad about them, I could sense it by the way they acted. Sin Yi was just aggreeing with what Wan said all the time. I didn't say anything or comment but I felt shocked and ashamed. The weird part was that I wan't really all that close with Wan and hearing him saying something like this does not happen in reality.

When I woke up, the whole scene kept repeating in my head and I knew at once that God is trying to tell me to stop talking behind people's back and gossiping!! Ironic enough, just two days before, I went to SIB for Pastor Victor's talk and there were two words pasted on the wall, 'No Gossiping'. And this morning, during worship service, we were singing Still and I just couldn't take it anymore and cried out midway of singing. I just knew that He talked to me. The week before, when Pastor Serena did an alter-call for repentance, I went out. I wanted to repent but I knew that I hadn't surrendered to God fully. I guess that's why God talked to me through this dream.

If you don't already know, just last month, I hurt a friend which is Sin Yi (how ironic) by talking behind her back. I almost ruined our friendship but managed to fix it. Man, am I that blurr and ignorant? I mean, after the incident with Sin Yi, the alter-call, I stil don't listen to God and repent!! I have got to stop talking behind people's back and gossiping!! No matter how frequent, how bad it is. Even if I didn't start it, I have to stop!

p/s: to those who I hurt by gossiping, I am really sorry and I will repent simply because I want to and I have been asked by God to do so. If you see, hear or feel that I'm gossiping or talking behind someone's back, please, kindly tell me to stop right then and walk away from it! Thank you...


I attended MSG last Friday and Saturday and I had to say I was reluctant at first, but eventually went anyway coz my sis signed me up. It turned out to be the best weekend I had! BTW, MSG stands for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and not Ajinomoto. Pastor Serena Shim was the speaker
The whole programme was based on 1 Cor 12-14 which talks bout Spiritual Gifts. There are 9 gifts altogether that are given by God through manifestation of the Spirit. On Friday night, we were learning how to speak in tongues. Well, not all were learning coz most of us already knew. But it was more like strengthening of the tongues. Basically, speaking in tongues is the ability to communicate with God in a language only He knows. When speaking, the presence of God would fill around us and we wouldn't be speaking, but the Holy Spirit in us would be speaking.

At the beginning when I learned to speak in tongues, I just kinda followed everyone else and I got a hang of it. I didn't know if I'm doing it right until I attended MSG. I learned that I have to speak really loud and clear continuosly. When you first start, you keep taking deep breaths coz you're afraid you don't get enough air to speak. Eventually, you just know you can do it! It has a rather odd feeling at you're spirit is high and something in you is growing and your heart feels like it's beating faster but it's not. After a while, when the presence of the Lord is around you, you get a feeling in your gut that grows out and about. It's just an amazing feeling that mere words can't explain!!

After that, we had a session where Pastor Serena taught us how to prophecy. It basically means forthtelling but it also means foretelling in the Old Testement. She gave each of us papers and asked us to write sentences beginning with 'The Lord says....' We had to pray in tongues together and close our eyes and feel what God is trying to tell us. Then, without thinking, we have to write down what comes into our mind. At first, we had to prophecy for ourselves, then we move on to prophecy for other people and on Saturday, we had to prophecy for groups!! The scariest part is that you don't know if it's true and you just blabber out anything that comes into your mind. The final prophecy was done in a group where there were two circles, one in another. It works when the outer circle closes their eyes while the inner circle moves from one person to another. It's hard to explain but frankly, we have to prophecy to another person in front of you without knowing who it is!! On Saturday, I spent the whole day there, prophecying and during the night, I felt so happy deep inside that I never felt before! It's like, the happiest moment of my life that I wanna cry tears of joy! I'm guessing it's coz I felt the presence of God.

On Sunday, there was a last session but I couldn't go coz there was a Sejarah seminar going on. I heard from my sis that it was the best one yet coz they sung from the Bible loudly with instruments. The amazing part is that they experienced the presence of Satan when they sung warfare songs and finaly triumphed over it. Finally, after hours, all of them experienced the glory of God and had an image where they were marching towards God and they were singing and looking at God!! At the end of it all, Pastor Serena prophecied on each of them and I wasn't there!! Aww...what a waste!

To sum it all up, I learned a lot and I didn't even know that I had this gift in me. Like I said, it's the best weekend I had!

p/s: still have to practice speaking in tongues and prophecying everyday ^^

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tagged: Perintah Sakyou-dono yang suke ckp 'fai wa'

The Hurt Survey!!~

Would you kiss the last person you kissed, again?
of course la! my mother wo...

Have you told anyone you'd marry them?
no, not that i can remember.
Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
yes..only once and I cried bout it.

Have you ever made a bf/gf cry?
no... never had a bf or a gf. unless my besties count as gfs, then yes.
Are you happier single or in a relationship?
tell u adi lo...never in a relationship before le...but i tink i'll be much happier being single coz i dun haf time for bf.
Have you ever told someone you loved them and didn't mean it?
Have you ever had your heart broken?
yes...but not from being in a relationship.
Have you ever broken someone else's heart?
maybe, maybe not.
Do you still talk to your ex/es?
how many times I've gotta say? no relationship=no ex or exes loh~
Last time you kissed someone? i noe la? but very long adi la...i tink it was with my mum or dad.
If you could go back in time and change things, would you?
like, duh!! time is the most precious thing on earth(for me, anyway)
Do you think you are a good bf/gf?

haiz...'fai wa'
Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
Have u ever liked anyone else's bf/gf?
dunno..never really thought deeply bout it.
Like anyone right now?
of course le...but not in the way u tink it is.
Does that person like you back?
yesh..and i'm 100% sure bout it! :D
What are you going to do tonight?
go out with my sis.
How do you feel right now?
pretty stressed-out over h/w and SPM.
Have you ever been kissed upside-down?
no...why? is it fun? if it is, i dun mind trying! ;P
What would you like to say to one person on your mind?
I love you.

I'm tagging: Hige, Syaoran & Carmen

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Guess what? I've just been to cicakland last week! It wasn't a nice experience. I got attacked by 3 cicaks! Okay...we(the moral students) were following Pn.Sam(our moral teacher) to snap photos for our kerja kursus Moral. Anyway, we went to this padang behind the school buildings to take photos coz the pix must be bout alam sekitar. I got a wonderful(not so wonderful now) idea to hold some of the strings hanging from a tree and pretend to clean up the padang. Haizz...I know, not ikhlas...but what to do? Must get A1 for Moral must do everything necessary lo.
Okay, while I was holding up the strings and passed them to my friends, I picked up the last bundle of strings and felt something sticky and wet on my hand. Guess what it is? Bingo! It was a cicak!! I know, eww...but that wasn't even the worst part! Wait till the end of the story. So, I did any girl would do when we touch anything disgusting, SCREAM! Yes, this applies to tomboys like me too. I dunno what happened to my friends, but the next thing I know is that they were screaming with me..lolx! Moving on...I picked up the same bundle of strings and another cicak attacked me!! But luckily, this one kesiankan me coz when I screamed(again), it jumped off and saved me from getting a heart attack. The funny thing is that my friends screamed with me-again! Yeah, LMAO.
Once kena attack, okay la...normal. But three times!? Definately not normal! Yes...I repeat, I got attacked by cicaks three times! The third attack was the worst of the worst! After all the commotion, we walked back to class while talking bout our unpleasant experience all the way. Apparently, my day wasn't bad and packed full of surprises enough already coz Kyeng screamed for the third time that day and very loudly at that-in front of the school office! As expected, everyone followed suit. I didn't scream at first, then when Kyeng pointed her finger at my skirt, the colour drained from my face and I freaked out. I hopped around even more when she said that there's a cicak attached to my skirt! I kept jumping and waved around my skirt pointlessly. Peach tried to shake it off my skirt but didn't dare to touch it. But it wouldn't get off!! Luckily for me, Devan was there(bless him) and he helped me flick it off... Before it ran away, the thing didn't forget to leave me a gift coz it left its still moving tail behind. Well, its probably afraid of the constant ear-piercing shrieks by me and my fellow classmates.
After this experience, I dare not come near any reptiles...big or small. BTW, you're probably asking why am I attaching a Cicakman pix on this post. Well, the Americans have Superman, Batman and Spiderman and Malaysian have Cicakman. I was just wondering, if they wanna create a superhero to compete with the Westerns, why choose cicak? At least Batman is..well, based on bat. Bats are not gross like cicaks. I just wanna say to the creators of Cicakman to please create a superhero that is heroic and not gross like how cicaks are.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


This would be the first time ever I'm writing bout my grandpa. Well...he just recently passed away, if you don't already know. It wasn't sad or anything. I wasn't that close to my grandpa. But we're definitely closer than I am with my maternal grandpa who also passed away last year at the age of 95...Amazing! Anyway, back to the subject; which is the death of my paternal grandpa.
Although we weren't really close, he's still my grandpa and I loved him. He was close to us(me and my siblings) when we were still in primary school. We used to do things together...swimming especially. And he'd used to love bringing us to Chinatown during the Chinese New Year. He'd buy loads of toys and stuff for us. Overall, he's a pretty cool grandpa. If only he'd show up more often.
He died of cancer of the pancreas. It was expected he would gobble down any food that's edible. He didn't really care much bout his diet...until it was too late. At the beginning, it was diabetis, high blood pressure and all of that. Then it got worse...he suffered from constant stroke and that took away his ability to walk or see properly. He retired in Ipoh and stayed there for 2 years but his condition got worser by the day and finally he was bed-ridden. We had to send him to a retiring home near us so that we could see him everyday till, you know, the day finally comes. And let's just say that we didn't have to wait too long. He was very ill after just 2 days in the new retiring home. We had to call an ambulance to admit him into hospital.
The only time I did really cry for him when he was alive was when he said, "Oh..I remember the days when we would all go swimming together. You, me, your brother and sister. When I get better, we should all go swimming together again!" It was just so sad that my eyes are wet when I'm wrting this right now. His skin was all yellow and there were loads of tubes attached to his body. I just want him to feel better and painless. At that moment, I said a prayer that he would be saved. That he could have salvation. But he didn't....
I kinda blame myself for that. If only I could've prayed harder and earlier, he could've been saved now. I would know that he's safe and that he don't have to die twice. It was at the moment when my uncle called home to tell us that grandpa was admitted into ICU that I know it was too late.
He was in comma when we arrived to see him. He looked like a rag doll...with tubes attached to his whole body. He couldn't breathe on his own. So, there were tubes that pump air into and out of his lungs. His whole body like, jumps up when air is pumped in. It was like, he wasn't even there anymore. Like it was just a souless body lying there and it was all useless trying to save him. I almost cried twice in that quiet, air-conditioned room. His skin turned from yellow to dark brown, almost black in just one night.

I was there when he took his last breath. And it was soon after that, the graph on the machine gradually becomes a flat, straight line. Not a single tear fall from my eyes. I guess I just didn't take it in yet. Until now, I still feel that he's right beside me...still alive. Not that I'm in denial or anything. But I just kinda miss him, that's all. The ceremony was the next day. It was in Nirvana and the venue was pretty clean and nice. Many relatives and friends showed up that day and it was kinda cool that we had a family-bonding time. None of us felt really sad bout this coz most of us thought it was the only solution to his suffering. And it was time for him to go.

This may be the longest post I've ever written bout someone of my family. And I still have a lot to say bout my grandpa...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fact or Legend!?

Today I went crazy at school! I was going, "larva this...larvae that..." Yeah, seriously...larvae!! It all started when the budak petang who sits on the same place as I am carved a few holes on my desk. like, really deep, creepy holes. It reminded me of the story I read from the e-mail my friend sent me. You might've heard bout it. For those who don't, it's bout this anthropologist who just got back from her trip to North America. Upon returning, she realized that she has a rash on her left breast. She ignored it coz she thought it'll just heal on its own...but it didn't!! She just bandaged it and let it heal. When the rash got serious, she went to see the doctor, but it was too the wound was already bleeding and the rash formed holes in her left breast. When she finally felt intense pain, she opened the bandages...revealing...jeng jeng jeng....larvae!! She found larva squirming and feeding on her breast fat and tissue. The rash was no normal was actually the first signs of a larva infestation in her breast!!! And this wasn't even the gross should see the picture that was attached to the mail!! That's why I'm attaching a link to the About page about this story;
Click it...if you dare!!! it a fact, or a legend!? It most probably is a legend as the pix was really fake. About says that the photo was actually a compilation of pictures of a human breast, larva and a lotus seed pod. However, it was also mentioned that a case did happen before this but it was because the old lady dries her undergarments out near the bushes. And, she did not iron her undergarments. So, either this story's a fact or a legend, it's always safer to iron and wash your clothings.

p/s: To the composer of the e-mail, thanks for the millions of goosebumps I had while reading your mail. -NOT!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ABC: Shop till you drop!

FYI, ABC stands for 'Audrey's Book Club' and not the ABC chart, k?

And now....I'm gonna review bout my ultimate favourite book; 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Wee~~
This book is all bout this totally crazee shopper, Becky. And when I say crazy, I meant, really crazy! She owes the bank thousand of pounds and still finds time to get the cutest boots from the mall. She finds the craziest excuses just so she doesn't have to meet her bank manager. Like for example, she tells them her leg's broken, she's got glandular fever, her dog died...all that crap! Hah! You'll literally ROFL(Roll On Floor Laughing) & LMAO(Laugh My Ass Off). She tried many ways to solve her problem too. Like, try to strike a lottery, cut-back and MMM(Make More Money). But failed in the funniest ways. The weird thing is, she's a financial journalist! I repeat, a financial journalist! She can't even control her spending, how can she control others!? Plus, she has this huge imagination that goes beyond any human can think of. This whole book would truly put a huge smile on your face and you can never get enough of it!
BTW, the movie's coming out next year February, maybe. It's already filming. So, I highly recommend this book as I'm rating it 9/10. Well, I wanted to rate 10/10 but, no novel's perfect, right?

Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm not a person who would usually watch sci-fi movies (except Star Wars). But yesterday morning I watched a movie called 'The Lost Room' from 1.30a.m to 6a.m. I's crazy. But the movie is like a three-part series that got me hooked-up to know the ending. Here's what the story's about;

The movie is bout a detective who found a motel room key in a dead victim's posessions. He later found out that the key can open any doors to go to another dimension which is a room called 'Room 10'. In that room, there are normal everyday things called 'objects' that posesses special powers. For example, a comb can actually stop time. Oh yeah, did I mention that the key has special powers too? The room that is opened up by the key can actually lead to anywhere in the world that you wanna go!! That's so uber cool! Anyway, the main plot of the story is that Detective Joe lost his daughter Anna by accidentaly leaving her in the room and closed the door which evidently resetted the whole room, causing Anna to dissapear! He was hunted by cops for kidnapping and also by a clan called 'the Order' who mainly worships the objects and wish to collect them all. The scary part of this whole show is that the people do crazy things to get their hands on the objects! They can give up everything; money, family, jobs...just to own an object! Yeah, there were killings too. Besides, I was watching this in the middle of the night! How is that not scary!?

I highly recommend this movie if ur either; a) a sci-fi nerd or b) a person who likes thrillers and horrors. But u have to watch this with a friend or family member coz it's pretty creepy, the story. I rate it a 9/10, mainly because of the plot and Elle Fanning is playing Anna. But it's just way too long and creepy...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kerana dipaksa...

Yes, I'm unfortunately forced into doing this. Lim Ke Xin @ Sakyou-dono forced me. She created a new tagged game and heret-ed me into joining it. For more info, go see her blog.

1. The tag victim has to come up with 10 different things they want to do after SPM
2. Tag five other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
3. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
4. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT

My list of things to do:
1) Get my driving licence (most important!!)
2) Go National Service (if I'm chosen)
3) Go on an expense-paid trip to anywhere at all without any of my family members
4) Get a scholarship to Queensland University or Monash University
5) Colour my hair purple/red and I mean really purple! Which means I have to bleach my hair
6) If I'm not going NS, then I wanna get a job...any job would do except being a salesgirl!!
7) Pujuk2 my dad to get me a car
8) Get into a bar/pub/club to try various different alcohols and soak up the atmosphere (with a friend, of course!)
9) Move in with a friend near campus (if possible)
10) Throw or donate all of my notes, books, etc...that has got to do with SPM!!

I'm tagging; Syoran-kun, Carmen, Riku-chan, Sakyou-dono and Hige!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I don't know what to say...

I feel really bad right now. I don't know what to say. You know, I can understand right now if Sin Yi would never ever forgive me. I might not even forgive myself. I made her cry and I just wanna say a million times sorry right now. I guess He was right all along. The Lord did talk to me before I posted that terrible thing and He said, "Don't do it, child." I knew it but I still went along doing it. I don't deserve being called a Christian, do I? I call myself a Christian because I want to be one and I want to do what God wants me to do. But I'm not doing it, am I? I hurt people, I say bad things, I don't respect people, how am I ever gonna respect God!? The one thing I remember most about what the Bible said was that we should love God and love others like we love ourselves! I don't even do all those stuff! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I don't know what to say now but SORRY TAN SIN YI! AND IT'S TO TAN SIN YI! NOT ERI-CHAN, NOT SIN-CHAN NOT ALL THOSE CRAP WE NAMED YOU! YOU ARE YOU AND TRUTHFULLY I SAY, I DO LOVE YOU! I LOVE LIKE A SISTER! I JUST DO THINGS WRONG SOMETIMES AND I HOPE I WOULD NEVER SEE U CRY EVER AGAIN COZ IT HURTS ME TO SEE YOU CRY!!! I WOULD BEG YOU TO FORGIVE ME IF I COULD, RIGHT NOW!!

Friday, February 29, 2008


I didn't go to the BSB Concert!!!!! WAAAAAAAAA~~~So sad~~ I feel so guily le...I mean, BSB is like the only musical interest I've ever had!! And they came to Malaysia!!! It was the perfect chance!! But I didn't go coz no one wanted to go with me!! When can I ever get to see them!!?? Kevin's already out, how would I know when Brian's gonna be out?? The whole band might retire next year or something, maybe this is their last tour!! What to do la!!?? Takkan migrate to California and serbu their house? I'm not that crazy, okay? But if I wanna serbu also serbu Brian's house only la! He's the only reason I like BSB. I used to go crazy over Nick, but he wasn't much of a great singer as Brian is. I wanna see Brian Littrell and The Boys!!(but mostly Brian! ;P) Any bright ideas that doesn't involve illegal activities or breaking moral values?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zero the Hero!!??

Before I start writing what I want to write, Sakyou-dono, I know you sure say that I copy you review bout anime but I have to comment bout Code Geass. You'll see why when you watch it.

Okies, Code Geass is bout the kingdom of Brittania who took over Japan years ago with robots called Knightmares. Thus, the Japan is renamed as 'Area 11' and Japanese as 'Elevens' and their freedom were taken away. Many resistant groups still lives among the 'Elevens', waiting for a chance to attack the Brittanian army. Meanwhile, the story also revolves around a Brittanian prince, Lelouch Vi Brittania who seeks revenge on the terrorists who murdered his mother and crippled his sister. Apart from that, Lelouch also vowed to destroy the Brittanian empire due to his father, the emperor's reluctance to find out the truth about Queen Marrianne's death. Years later, Lelouch encounters a girl named C.C. who gave him the power of Geass (a power to control and command other people).

Now, for my view on the anime. To me, the main protagonist of the story is the emperor because without him, the Japanese wouldn't suffer and Lelouch wouldn't seek revenge and become Zero (the main enemy of the Brittanian army). Zero wouldn't cause havoc among the citezens and he also wouldn't have hurt so many people around him! Although Geass isn't considered a person, I think that it is the main reason for driving Lelouch and other people so crazy! Man, you would see what I mean when you watch episode 22 of the anime. The crazy thing bout this whole anime is that, eventhough Zero brought so many sadness and suffering, the Japanese call him a 'symbol of hope' and 'messiah' just because he's the #1 enemy of Brittania! It's not like he will bring back Japan from the old days! The ending is super unexpected and super sad!! Sakyou-dono, you might wanna return the anime to wherever you bought it coz the last 2 episodes hilang. It drove me nuts, so I watched the ending on You Tube.

(the guy at the front is Lelouch and the guy at the back is Suzaku, his best friend and also his greatest enemy coz he's an honourary Brittanian knight!)

Finally, I would give a rating for this anime a 7/10. I wanted to give it a 6/10 only coz throughout the anime, they kept repeating the same old stuff and it got boring. But, the ending made me raise it by a point. My final comment is to Sakyou-dono too. Weii...remove Lelouch from your list of favourite anime characters la. He's so cold-hearted and even if he's very 'leng chai' and 'yeng', he has no feelings!!! You would agree with me after you watch the anime.^^

Sunday, February 24, 2008

ABC: I can see dead people...

Okies...since u guys all do a lot of anime review, I'm gonna start a book club. I haven't thought of a name yet, so for now, I'm gonna name my book club simply as Audrey's Book Club.The first teen novel I've ever read is The Mediator by Meg Cabot, writing as Jenny Carroll. So, it's totally natural that the first book review I'm gonna do is bout this book.

Basically, this book is bout Susannah Simon who realized that she's a mediator(a person who sees dead people) when she was just two. Kinda like Cole Sear from The Sixth Sense played by Haley Joel Osment. Anyway, Suze is this tough girl who doesn't give a shit about the ghosts she sees. Oftenly, she ends up pounding them up because they constantly bother her bout things they wanna do before they move on to the next world. You might think that ghosts are invisible and you can't touch them, but in this story, the mediators can touch them and do whatever they like to them. Anyway, when she turned 16, she and her mom moved to California to live with her mom's new husband (oh, I forgot to mention that Suze's dad is dead and she still constantly contacts with him). When she arrived at her room, she was pretty disturbed to find a ghost sitting on her window seat. And to make matters worse, it's not just any ghost, it's a he, a very hot he. From that moment on, the book progresses to talk bout Suze's way of adjusting herself to the new environment (more ghosts) and her falling in love with Jesse (the hunky ghost).

Overall, I give a rating for this book a 7/10 because of the creative plot and also the comedy in the story. However, the story is just way to long (6 books!) and the last 2 books just sucks. Besides, Meg Cabot's way of writing is way too teen and boring...

Friday, February 22, 2008

The Boys are back in Malaysia!!!

Even if you've heard this before, on the radio, internet or from a friend, I'm still gonna say it again...THE BACKSTREET BOYS are having a concert in Sunway Lagoon on the 27th February 2008!!! When I heard it from a friend, I knew that this is the concert I was waiting for. My best bud and I are like the ultimate fans of the boys, at least, maybe in Daerah Hulu Langat. They had a world tour last two years, but the concert was in Singapore and we jokingly thought of going to Singapore just to watch them. And that was the year we had PMR. We also imagined what would it be like if one of our discipline teachers, Puan Niza happened to be another ultimate fan of the boys. We imagined her jumping up and down like a crazy groupie when we invited her to go to the concert together. LOL! That would be so weird!

Anyway, this year we have to go!!(We must, Sakyou-dono). But there seems to be some problem with the ticket and transportation. My bro doesn't wanna go coz his gf not going and he's totally not a fan of the boys. Arrgghh...I dun care, I must go to concert no matter what, even if I have to take the bus from Cheras to Sunway! (We promised each other, Sakyou, that we're gonna go when they're having it in Malaysia. I know that Kevin's not in the band anymore...but there's still AJ, right?) We just have to go!!! @~@


God forbid, I swear I'm gonna pass out soon! I'm sooo tired now. My head feels like it weighs a ton! I only slept like, 3 hours And it isn't coz I was on the computer(like my bro is). I was staying up the whole night till 2.30 a.m doing Maths and woke up at 5a.m again to continue. I stacked all of my Maths homework and finally do it when the deadline came I know, this is very unexpected of an alpha student. But I love doing that, maybe coz I follow the rule, 'Play first, Work later'. Well, it's not gonna happen again, coz my head hurts from cramming all of the info at once. I swear(again) that I saw the number -2 written on the tar road while walking back from school. My friend thinks I'm insane.

My best bud, 'Lala' can sleep for at least 10 hours a day and when she really go for the maximum, 12 hours! Man, when she said her hobby was sleeping, she wasn't kidding! How can she get 10-12 hours of sleep when I can only get 4-6 hours? I thought bout that and I think it's coz she don't go out much, watch anime/tv much or go online. She's like this virgin in a modern world! She should go out more to see the outside world coz we're breaking out of high school next year! It's kinda scary, really. Going out there unprotected by the vulnerable school system anymore. Anyway, she was teased mercilessly by Thavin today when we were on duty at the front gate. Thavin said that if she slept 12 hours a day, that means she lost half of the day and this means she lost half of her life already! LOL! 'Lala' should really try hard to stay up late or her youth would be used up soon. Besides, if she really wants to be a neurologist, she must learn to stay up real late.

p/s: Kids out there, don't try staying up late like me, you'll regret it after taking a look at all those bags under your eyes and think about the wrinkles!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'm FREE!!!

I've been thinking for a long long time now and I've finally decided to drop Mr. S's tuition classes. It's such a relief to my schedule. Now I can sleep till 1 p.m on weekends!!

I wasn't sure before coz he's way of teaching did help me with my studies. But I know that I can still get A1 for my SPM without his help. I mean, if Aki~chan can do it, why can't I? But it's gonna need loads of hard work...I know.

Mr. S demand a lot from his students and I went through with it for a while(almost 9 months) but then I realize that it takes a lot out of my time. He's got the talent for teaching...if only he uses his powers for good instead of evil. LOL! (if your reading this, Mr. S, I'm just joking.) How can I take anymore of his tuition lessons that last for 5 hrs on Sundays and 3 hrs on Thursdays!? Besides, he waste a lot of time talking crap like, calling people names. He generally does a lot of insults on students that he don't dub worthy of his class. He even go to a level of calling people shit. How mature, eh?

Plus, he kept telling us he would get scholarships from big dudes like, Astro...etc...If it is possible, my sis would've gotten one already! He told her to join this bogus competition few years back and she got #2 but not a reply since then. I'm sorry if this seems like me backstabbing him but it's the truth. I'm not saying you shouldn't go to his classes anymore, but just don't hang around his every word like my best friend is doing now. She follows what he says everytime and never misses any class. She even took more subjects in SPM just because he asked her to. All in all, memang Mr. S's #1 fan. I tried to tell her this, but she said it's gonna be fine and she's not like that. Wake up and smell the roses, gurl!!

Well, I'm happy to tell you that the best thing to me quitting is that I can go back to church again!! I was afraid to do so coz of my parents before and coz this tuition class is taking up most of my time. But it's more of the former reason. But now, I don't give a damn to what my parents say anymore. (please, don't mind the language) I would do what I have to do and want to do more than anything...go back to church and be with the House of God. I am so glad!! ^^

Monday, February 18, 2008

American Idol!!

American Idol is officially my favourite show on the planet! Not just because of Simon Cowell, though, he is fun to watch as he can be mean and nice at the same time. Like when he tell auditioners that 'u ain't got it' he would probably say something like this: "Sweetheart, that just reminded of the nightmare I had last night." Can you believe him?

Anyway, I just came to LOVE American Idol like the rest of any living American citizen because of David Archuleta. Yes, he's cute, he's young, he's likeable and he's got the voice! Can you get any better than that? He's especially hot among the ladies.You should really go visit cos the comments on David'll drive you crazy! Go see the photos section where all of the photos of the Top 24 are up. You'll soon realize that, photos with David on it(even a lil glimpse) would have at least 2 pages of comments where girls would just scream something like, "David A., I love you!" or, "David, marry me!!" Not that I'm one of those girls or anything. I mean, he's just 17, man! Give him a break! God knows what them girls would do to him when he's alone.

David kinda reminds me of Sanjaya Malakar from last season. Not that they look alike or anything, just that they're both popular with the voters. In fact, they're a lot more different than same. Sanjaya is charming but not a good singer while David is naive and cute at the same time AND a real good singer! It's kinda crazy what voters would do just to see their fav idol on stage(even if they can't sing). And lemme tell you this, what the voters did bout Sanjaya is totally nuts! They should take on Simon's side, he's the music genius! He nearly quit his job because of this. If Simon quitted, the ratings'll drop for sure. Anyway, David A. is The American Idol for season 7 for sure! Apart from the fact that 90% of the voters are rooting for David and that the judges love him, he's also very likeable among the contestants. Need I say more?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

EDC Scandal!!

I'm sure most of you guys knew bout the scandal. I just read this article from Shanghaiist and I quote:
"The Vancouver Sun, in its report of the scandal, embarrassed itself by mistakenly inserting the picture of Wang Lee-Hom (王力宏) instead of Edison Chen and has since apologised for the boo-boo"
I mean, Lee Hom and Ed Chen is so different! One is soooo hot and the other is err...not. And for the record, Lee Home is the hot one! Haizz...Lee Hom's image tercemar!
So much has happened since this scandal. Cecilia Cheung got a seperation from Nicholas Tse, Bobo Chan's marriage was canceled and Gillian Chung attempted suicide! Which reminds me, why are most of his...ehem, scandal partners have got surnames starting with the letter C? That's so weird...
Apparently. the mystery man who posted all of Ed's pix on the internet called himself Kira! You know, Kira from Death Note? I wonder if he has got a death note...if he does, I'm sure he wrote something like this on it;
"Edison Chen Kwoon Hei: die of suicide on, ??/??/????. Cause of death, publicly humiliated with scandal photos of himself with famous Hong Kong actresses."
I still remember watching a list of top Asian celebrities on E! last year and EDC was one of them. In fact, he was beside Rain, yes, The Rain! He had a real good chance in breaking into Hollywood but he ruined it. Even Jackie Chan was disturbed by this cause when he was asked bout his comments on Ed's scandal with Vincy Yeung, he seemed uncomfortable. This scandal had even caught the attention of CNN! CNN! Can you believe it!? Don't they have better things to do? Like, report on famine in Africa of something... Anyway, here's what they said;
"Over here in America, when an actor tapes himself screwing the biggest celebrities in the country, every guy he meets on the street will give him a jumping high-five and every girl he filmed will get even more movie deals and record contracts."
CNN is so pro-American government. I mean, they dish out bout some Hong Kong celebrity's scandal but not President Bush's ongoing domination on other countries? I mean, come on man, is that any fair at all? I'll let you be the judge...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Guilt & Dissapointment

Have you ever felt dissapointment and guilt at the same time? I fact, I'm feeling just that, right now. I just hate myself for getting nervous all over competiting with Yu Hua in badminton today. I actually CAN play better than I did today. It's just that I get nervous real fast, in front of other people and blush. Stupid, huh? I mean, I look like a fool out there! Lets just say that the scores are not pretty. I just felt kinda dissapointed that they killed us out there and I had wasted all that time training. It's not like I had high hopes we would win, but I kinda had a little spark of hope to at least win the first set.

The guilt comes in when I talked bad about my badminton partner to my other friends today. I actually said that she didn't back me up when the shuttlecock comes, that's why we lost. There is some truth to it, but the main reason is because I was nervous and I couldn't hit the ball high. Maybe it's because of the pressure my partner sometimes put me through that makes it easier to blame the lost to her. She always forces me to do things I don't feel like doing like, go tuition classes that last for 5 hours, twice a week. I needed a break from her. I've known her for 10 years now but I still feel like I don't know her, like she's some kinda stranger. We have absolutely nothing in common, at least, I don't think we do.

I sometimes feel like killing myself out of my hectic schedule. I should really ease up on the activities because I'm really really tired, out of...everything, really. The only days I can relax are on Tuesdays and Saturdays and that's not even a confirmation yet. No more anime, tv, novels and anything else that alters my mind from what really matters, listening to God's words. I always think that God doesn't answer my prayers and He don't talk to me at all. But he does, it's just that I'm too busy with other things to listen to Him. I feel awful for doing that to Him. I kept appologizing, but what use is that if I don't change? If I don't follow his ways, I'm gonna fall back and He won't wait for me ever again!!