Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leeteuk Sim

I know I haven't been updating for a very long time. Here are some brief updates:
1) Turned 18 and my wish was to be able to walk again.
2) Am able to walk again but not much bending.
3) Rewatching FRIENDS (seriously, to those who haven't watched i
t yet, you don't know what you're missing).
4) Oh and yeah, Super Junior's coming to Malaysia. At least, that's what Leeteuk said in the Super Show 2 press conference.
5) I'm learning Korean. So far, I know how to introduce myself and say goodbye. Korean is easy to write but hard to pronounce. But it's fun, to learn a new language.
6) And this post is actually to introduce you guys to my new friend, Leeteuk Sim!!

When I first created him, he didn't look much alike Leeteuk. But slowly, he does look a teeny bit like him. I couldn't get the hair right, though. The Sims 3 only offers a limited array of hairstyles. Creating his eyes and mouth was a pain!! I wonder how will the real Leeteuk react to his Sim character when he sees it.

Friday, July 10, 2009


If you haven't heard about it already, my handphone got snatched today. I was on the train going back with a few friends. As usual, the train was packed because of rush hour. When I finally got in with some pushing and squirming, I felt my pockets and it was empty. I thought, maybe it's hidden in my bag or something, but no. I asked Kexin to call my phone and she got through, someone answered but then hung up. Then she tried again but it was switched off.
I knew this day will come...surprisingly, I didn't freak out. Just a little heartache because now my new teukie keychain, my sim card contacts and all my songs and pictures inside are gone. AND TODAY! OF ALL DAYS HE/SHE HAVE TO SNATCH IT TODAY! HEECHULIE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY SHOULD BE GOOD DAY!!
Honestly, if I know who stole it, I will jump on him/her and snatch my phone back. I won't curse or say anything....I'll just snatch it back and leave. My mum and brother didn't make things better either. When I called my mum to tell her about this, she just nagged me about not taking care of my phone and how my pockets were not deep enough. When I came home, I thought I can at least get some sympathy from my brother...but no! He had to rub salt, pepper and cili padi into my wound. He said (In Cantonese); "Hah! You deserved it. Who ask you to wear pants like that!? Those pockets are not deep enough." heart!! My Teukie~