Friday, July 10, 2009


If you haven't heard about it already, my handphone got snatched today. I was on the train going back with a few friends. As usual, the train was packed because of rush hour. When I finally got in with some pushing and squirming, I felt my pockets and it was empty. I thought, maybe it's hidden in my bag or something, but no. I asked Kexin to call my phone and she got through, someone answered but then hung up. Then she tried again but it was switched off.
I knew this day will come...surprisingly, I didn't freak out. Just a little heartache because now my new teukie keychain, my sim card contacts and all my songs and pictures inside are gone. AND TODAY! OF ALL DAYS HE/SHE HAVE TO SNATCH IT TODAY! HEECHULIE'S BIRTHDAY TODAY SHOULD BE GOOD DAY!!
Honestly, if I know who stole it, I will jump on him/her and snatch my phone back. I won't curse or say anything....I'll just snatch it back and leave. My mum and brother didn't make things better either. When I called my mum to tell her about this, she just nagged me about not taking care of my phone and how my pockets were not deep enough. When I came home, I thought I can at least get some sympathy from my brother...but no! He had to rub salt, pepper and cili padi into my wound. He said (In Cantonese); "Hah! You deserved it. Who ask you to wear pants like that!? Those pockets are not deep enough." heart!! My Teukie~

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