Saturday, January 23, 2010


This is a long overdue post that I meant to write on Monday., I don't have classes on Mondays which is perfectly fine for me to line up for the Super Show 2 tickets. What I did not expect is to spend my whole day there. It's worser than going to college from 8a.m. to 6p.m. while having 6 hours of psych lectures.

We, meaning Kexin and Kexin's friends, lined up at the space next to Green Box karaoke, Sungei Wang since 10a.m. If I didn't get lost on the way there, we would've arrived earlier, but that's besides the point. The line was really long when we got there, there were about a hundred people in front of us. But really, we were pretty lucky because if we would've came at about 12p.m., the line would've been 500m away from the counter. Surprisingly, the crowd had absolutely anyone from anywhere inside...we had guys, parents, Malays, Chinese, Thais..etc. We could spot a few students cutting class. while waiting, we talked about random stuffs until about 11.30a.m. and the counter was still not opened. Note: it was supposed to start selling at 11a.m. Alright, we waited some more, since most Malaysians are naturally late. At about 12p.m., the first customer who came at about 6a.m. got her tickets and I'm telling you, everyone was staring at her. So at about that time, the counter finally came into sight and the line was like, compressed together. We were thinking, now the tickets will sell smoothly...we would all get our tickets and be back home for lunch. Wrong! After the first batch of tickets, we had to wait like 30 minutes before the second batch came out. Every few tickets they sell, we have to wait about 15 minutes. At first it was bearable...up until about 2p.m., it was starting to feel like pure torture. So, what did we do during those agonizing hours of waiting that we weren't allowed to sit? We naturally talked...with strangers around us. Questions like, "Who's your favorite member?" or "Which seats are you buying?" started to fly about the space.

As if it wasn't torturing already, at about 3p.m., one of the staff there shouted, "Whoever that wants to buy RM458 tickets..line up here!!" while standing in front of a new counter. So, what did the individualistic and I'm almost sure, a little crazy on the head from the waiting, fans do? They broke from the line and started rushing over to the new counter, regardless of whatever or whoever standing in, bugs, everything that's too tiny to fend for itself/himself/herself got squashed. Kexin told me to go over too. I wanted to, originally...and thank God I had the mind to actually stop and think for a moment. Because I almost got squashed in the stampede as well. It was crazy messy! They even opened the barrier between the newcomers outside and those already lined up inside. It was pretty unfair that they did, because then all that lining up would've been in vain. Then they mentioned that they're still going by numbers, so I slowly walked up to the line and fit myself into the line.

It turns out that the reason why they're so painfully slow is that they print every single ticket on that day itself. It's made to order. Plus, they only have one counter with one laptop and one cute little printer. Note: they run out of ink quite often hence, the waiting. Oh noo...they couldn't open a few more counters or better yet, open a few spots at other malls. They weren't understaffed at all...they had these guys telling us not to push, sit on the floor and basically just order us around. Oh, did I mention the name of the amateur company? It's Marctensia, the same people that organized Beyonce's canceled concert, but still won't admit to it and the ones that paid a seven figure amount to fight for SS501's concert. According to Sinyi, the founder was some betrayer of Galaxie but noobs will be noobs. Oh's not Super Junior or even SM's fault at's the event organizer's fault.

So, I got the RM458 tickets at around 4p.m. but I can't go just yet...I still have to go back to the original line to get the other tickets. At that point, you can already see the fatigue in everyone's eyes. I was half expecting someone to pass out from the waiting, then it will appear on NTV7 Prime Time News. Kexin looked like she was going to faint. It was 4p.m., we didn't get any breakfast or lunch and we weren't allowed to sit long...I was getting really irritated. So, I said what came into mind, "Super Junior or no Super Junior, the concert better be good or I'll boo them from the audience!" and "Screw Super Junior! I'm going to 2PM!". I dissed Marctensia loudly from the line as well. Yeah, I was really, reaaalllyyy annoyed. When we finally reach the front lines, we were all half-dead, ate some bread and had a little water but still, emotionally tired.

When we got our tickets, it was already 5.40p.m. and we said goodbyes to our new friends. Right, the parking price was RM 12.10. It's expected but still cheaper than the parking rate at HELP. So, the point of this whole post is to say that I waited 7 hours and 40 minutes to get 6 sheets of paper. First and probably the last experience of waiting in line for tickets. Oh, and they bribed us with posters. They said that the first 500 tickets would receive 'free' giant posters. In my mind, it isn't free at's the result of laboring for 7 hours. I treated my poor body with Bak Kut Teh. It was finally eat a proper hot meal. Yeah, I'm definitely going to write, "Oppa! I waited 7 hours and 40 minutes for you~" on my Super Junior banner.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The past will always catch up with you...

I had a pretty sad two years of secondary school life before I met Jesus. Contrary to popular belief, a person like me did have crushes. To those who think I am a nerd, I don't study everyday at home and I do a lot of things teenagers do., a few years back, I had this really huge crush that practically ruled my life. I was so obsessive, I did crazy, silly little things that shouldn't be revealed...EVER!

We take the same classes at night tuition classes. The first time I saw him, I thought I had that thing they call, love at first sight. At that time, I seriously saw light bestow upon him...and all that surreal stuff. I kept obsessing over it to the point that it's a form of worship. Yeaa..I have those really, really embarrassing diary entries on it too. Those 13 year old, immature ones. I still have them...and every time I look at them..I feel like burning them to ashes, then spread the ashes in the South China Sea. What keeps me back is that I want to remember how I changed from that person to this person now.

When I came to know Christ, I eventually realized that this 'hobby' of mine is really unhealthy and wrong. So, either I get to know him or I take a hike. Being the person with low self-esteem that I was, I decided to forget everything. I cried and it was really not worth it. It's not even a relationship, come on! After that...I just concentrated on my studies and yeah, here I am! I think I learned a lot from that. I learned to love myself better and not blind myself to what's obvious around me.

Through some connections, I recently found his Facebook account and I checked it out. It's been years since I last saw him. He changed a lot and I kept asking myself why did I ever like him anyway? He's not even that good-looking or nice. Wow...that light back then must've been really bright. It's all I can do to not slap myself on the face right now for being so stupid. Here's a tip, slap yourself right now on the face so you can spare regret later on when you feel like you've done something stupid, but you can't turn back time. Sigh...Taeyang's Wedding Dress so suit my mood right now. Unrequited love...haha!