Friday, November 27, 2009

Breaking News!

Crashed Jazzy yesterday. When I drove out of HELP, cars are supposed to wait at the side before heading to the main road. I couldn't see the cars speeding on the right side. When I saw them, I braked immediately and the cab behind me crashed into Jazzy. It felt like when a roller coaster picks up speed except that this is in one jerky shot. I prayed that this would be okay.

Pressed on the emergency button and got down the car. The guy got down too and we were inspecting the damage. His cab just lost the 'H' on the number plate. Jazzy? Not that bad...but I still feel the pain. I've heard a lot of stories from my mum and sister about them getting into accidents and how they deal with the other person. But at that moment, I really don't know what to say. So, I asked him "So how? Are you going to pay me?" Straightforward and to the point. He looked like he was thinking deeply and didn't answer me at first. Then he said, "50 can or not?" In shock, I replied, "Are you serious? Look at this, (pointing to the sensor) this is obviously gone! (I remembered about how my sister crashed at the same spot and apparently car sensors are very sensitive)" He looked pretty frustrated then he asked me again, this time in Cantonese, "50 can or not?" Then I finally understood that he didn't understand a single thing I said from the beginning. Right, from then onwards, I talked with him in Cantonese. Bless my grandma's soul for teaching me Cantonese.

The cab passenger got down and asked if he should get another cab while we deal with this. I think he's American and was dressed rather professionally. I was half hoping that he was rushing in time, so he would pay me instead and in large amounts too. Yeah, that didn't happen. The cabbie in desperation asked me to follow him to KL Sentral while he dropped his customer off. I agreed and got back in the car. The whole trip there, I was so afraid that he would trick me and speed off. I jot down his car plate number and handphone number.

The passenger gave me a meaningful look when he was dropped off. The look kinda says, "Poor you" or it could mean "Poor me" Anyway, the cabbie signaled me to follow him. We parked at the side of the road and continue dealing with it. To cut things short, he called his sister and she gave me directions to go to this car workshop all the way in Damansara Utama. I had no idea where it was. I only knew how to go to Eastin Hotel. Beyond that, it's slightly blurry but bless Carmen's soul for bringing me to her house in Tropicana a couple of times.

Yeah, like my usual self, I got lost a couple of times. I crashed at 4.30pm, Left KL Sentral at 5.30pm and arrived at the destination at 6.50pm. To spare you the pain, I will only say that there was a lot of calling for directions, getting honked at and traffic jam. Called my brother to inform him about this. He scolded me, saying how unlucky I am. Then I said I'll call him back later.

The person at the workshop gave me directions to this other workshop which I was supposed to arrive at 6pm. He clearly asked me to wait at the first Shell station I see. I gave him my number and he said he'll call me. So, I waited there...for an hour. I told myself that I was gonna call back the cabbie's sister to reconfirm to which I later learn her name was Shereen but I saved her number as 'Sista'. I waited for 30 minutes and I still hadn't called, maybe I was afraid of interrupting her and I tried to convince myself that they'll call me soon enough. Soon, images of them tricking me to come all the way to Damansara so they can run off, came into my head. Then I persuaded myself that if it was like that, then they wouldn't have went through the hassle at all. Shereen called me, asking if I have transport home. I said I'm still waiting at the Shell station. She was shocked and told me that she'll call the workshop people to ask. Called me back later to tell me that it was a miscommunication. They thought that I was going to go there on another day...but what other day? Yeah, I don't know. I didn't even have the workshop's number. I prayed in the car that this whole thing will just end. I will be healthy again, everything will be okay. I told God that I'm tired and can't take this anymore. He heard me.

So, Shereen sent a guy to guide me back to the first workshop so they can keep my car and fix it tomorrow. It was 8.30pm, I was sick with cough, flu and just recovered from fever yesterday. I was waiting for Shereen to send me to 1 Utama where my brother's waiting for me. Everytime I cough, I feel my left lung is going to collapse. Worst cough ever. It didn't help that when I was having fever yesterday, I still went to college because my lecturer won't let me go home.

Anyhow, I tried imagining how Shereen actually looks like through all that phone calls. I imagined her to be motherly and slightly plump. Not stereotyping here, but plump ladies give me this happy, protective, motherly image. I was right. She kinda looks like Lillian Too. With the finely plucked eyebrows and Chinese look. I got into her Altis and she was listening to Fly fm. Woah!

I called my brother to pick me up to which he was kinda reluctant so, I offered to take the train home. He came to pick me up anyway. Hah! I know he's a loving brother behind that thick computer-player shell.

During the whole ride, Shereen was lecturing me like a mother. She said I shouldn't trust people so easily that I'm lucky to have met people like them. Next time when I meet with an accident again (touch wood), I should call for help from family members or friends, preferably male. I shouldn't put my car overnight at some unknown car workshop with some unknown people who just crashed my car. There are a lot of dangerous cases in newspapers these days. I shouldn't put my laptop in the car, should take it everywhere I go. She asked about my name, where I study, how old I am, where do I live..we had a nice little talk.

While waiting for my brother to come, we waited at her sister in-law's shop and I felt as though she just let me into her life. She's a nice lady, no doubt. I think she was nice to me because she has a daughter which surprisingly studies at HELP too. I felt like helping them in the shop but I know that they'll just refuse.

My brother came and she sent me to meet him so at least my brother knows that he can trust them. The trip home was quiet but nice. When I told my brother the whole thing, I laughed at his comment when I mentioned about how Shereen lectured me. He said, "Oh! She's a lecturer?"
I had a long, long day. I skipped the Thanksgiving dinner because I was sick and needed rest so I left college at 4.30pm. In the end, I was still sick but didn't get any rest till 10pm. Things life throws at you is amazing. Maybe this is God teaching me not to trust people so easily. I'm just thankful that the car that crashed into mine belongs to a nice person. How great is it that all this happened during Thanksgiving? I guess we can always find something to be thankful for even through bad times.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My paranoid self

First of all, I scratched Jazzy. I'm so sorry, to whoever that feels the pain. It's a funny story, really.
As it is every single day, HELP parking lot is full of cars, double-parked and all. But I reached at 2pm (Again & Again~), when there are available parking spots but there are double-parked cars that came earlier, blocking the road.
When I was turning the corner to find a parking spot, I was in a hurry so I drove right between these two double-parked cars. One was this Kelisa with someone inside. It kinda was my fault because I think he was trying to drive past me but I drove through. But then again, it was a one way street. Mind you, I was going the right way.
So, I scratched this Proton Iswara on my left side that has no one in it. At first I didn't realize until the car began to screech and the Proton began to shake a little. I was I just drove front to end the pain. I did what any 18 year old with a P license would do, I sped away.
I found a parking spot, quickly ran down to check on the damage, all the time praying it's not bad. It was pretty my opinion. There's two really bad long scratches and a small dent (barely recognizable from a distance).
I felt so bad that I instantly called my mum to confess. She wasn't even paying attention, telling me "Yeah, I know...kakak told me you left the fried rice at home." (Like I would call her to tell her that!) Then I kept repeating over and over again, "I scratched the car..!" She asked me, "Har? How come? Is it bad? How much is the person asking for?" The instant when I said, "'s a parked one was inside." she calmed down and replied, "Oh..then ok lah. Come back only talk lah."
I had my persuasive speech that day and couldn't concentrate during Moral class either. The whole scene kept repeating in my head all the time. I was going crazy until my friends started to verbally slap me across the face. Okay, I was pretty paranoid about the whole thing. It's not like I've never scratched a car before, but this was the worst case.
Anyway, public speaking lecturer pretty moody because we weren't prepared for speech but on the bright side, I presented and although it wasn't my best, I got okay marks. I really don't long as I can go back to rest.

Then today, I've got a pretty bad case of coughing. I kept saying that I have TB, lung infection, asthma...all that. My friends had to verbally slap me again but the coughing didn't get any better. The bak kut teh I had for dinner didn't help either. I have SOS (Special Occasion Speech or as my friend would say, Suck Our Souls) for Public Speaking
tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the day that we have been preparing for 12 weeks now...Science Fair. Now, I didn't put any hope on winning with our common project but at least get good marks for our course le. Gonna do a lot of talking tomorrow.

Sigh..lots of driving to do these days. Don't really like driving people around no more. But then, it saves petrol. Hmm...gonna pray some more!! Aja~!

My Saskwatch Hair (before combing)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

5 hours

Hee...getting the hype for posting. Hopefully it'll last.
Gahh!! I want my Hong Kong Wantan Mee~!
Supposed to go to Macau and HK with parents next week. Because of the Science Fair, I can't bring myself to go.
Tuesdays is the most boring of days for me. I come to college at 8am then go back at 5.30 pm for only two classes with 5 hours break in between. What do I do? Assignments...they never end.
Wanted to go home for lunch considering that I'm broke. But no...I had to join the Peer Mentoring Program and meet every alternate Tuesdays. It's fun to let go of my stress sometimes. But it's tiring too...I don't like the fact that they treat us like patients.
Hey! You know what? I signed up to be a mentor, not a mentee. I thought it'll be fun~ Getting a junior to bully around. It's all just a facade. Telling us that we'll be mentoring people when in fact they're recruiting guinea pigs for their graduate studies.
Should've seen that coming...

Monday, November 16, 2009

Where's my brain gone to..?

Ahh...I'm so forgetful these days. Just this afternoon after class, I went to Midvalley/Gardens with Sinyi and Ronnie. I forgot where I parked. We had to pace from one end of the mall to the other until my brain comes back. Luckily I parked at Gardens. Just imagine what would've happened if it was Midvalley or worse...1 Utama.
It happened again when I took a shower. You see...when I shower, I have these steps that I follow;
1. Shampoo hair
2. Body shower
3. Wash away soap
4. Condition hair
5. Wash face
6. Wash hair

By the time I reached step 4, I was thinking, "Did I wash use the body shower already?"

Ooo...It's my sister, Alex's and KYeng's birthday today. Was racking my brains on what to get for Alex. It's between an electric guitar and a sweater. Dad said no need to get anything because we're gonna visit her soon. Got something for KYeng though. If you're reading this right now, I hope you like itt~!

Just some random thoughts:
1. The weather right now is horrible! I hate the cold. Almost every single person I tell this to disagrees with me. They say it's a nice weather to sleep in. Well, I think warm weathers are nicer to sleep in. Like an egg incubator...all nice and warm and fuzzy. Heee...just thinking about it makes me wanna sleep. Who's with me in this?? Goooo...Camp Incubator!!
2. I hate blow drying my hair...and if you know me well, you would know that I sometimes wish to shave my head bald and just wear wigs for the rest of my life.
3. When I have time, I'm gonna talk to every single person that's online on MSN. Some friends, I just don't know where I picked up from....Gunbound? Habbo? Maple Story?
4. I don't like how Singaporeans and Malaysian have been competing with each other for decades. Who has the best popiah, otak-otak...all that stuff. Who cares!? As long as we get to eat them...
5. Ohhh yeaahhh....I'm following item #1 on my list pretty well. This is post #2 of this week. Booyah!

SUJU Banzai~!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Boom Baby!

Hah! I'm back! I killed my blog and resurrected it from the death! Hopefully I can update once a week from now onwards. Even when I'm super tired, I'm gonna at least post up a few photos like a photo diary. This is so typical me...committing to new things then give up halfway. I'm gonna change that!! Lord, help me...