Sunday, March 30, 2008


This would be the first time ever I'm writing bout my grandpa. Well...he just recently passed away, if you don't already know. It wasn't sad or anything. I wasn't that close to my grandpa. But we're definitely closer than I am with my maternal grandpa who also passed away last year at the age of 95...Amazing! Anyway, back to the subject; which is the death of my paternal grandpa.
Although we weren't really close, he's still my grandpa and I loved him. He was close to us(me and my siblings) when we were still in primary school. We used to do things together...swimming especially. And he'd used to love bringing us to Chinatown during the Chinese New Year. He'd buy loads of toys and stuff for us. Overall, he's a pretty cool grandpa. If only he'd show up more often.
He died of cancer of the pancreas. It was expected he would gobble down any food that's edible. He didn't really care much bout his diet...until it was too late. At the beginning, it was diabetis, high blood pressure and all of that. Then it got worse...he suffered from constant stroke and that took away his ability to walk or see properly. He retired in Ipoh and stayed there for 2 years but his condition got worser by the day and finally he was bed-ridden. We had to send him to a retiring home near us so that we could see him everyday till, you know, the day finally comes. And let's just say that we didn't have to wait too long. He was very ill after just 2 days in the new retiring home. We had to call an ambulance to admit him into hospital.
The only time I did really cry for him when he was alive was when he said, "Oh..I remember the days when we would all go swimming together. You, me, your brother and sister. When I get better, we should all go swimming together again!" It was just so sad that my eyes are wet when I'm wrting this right now. His skin was all yellow and there were loads of tubes attached to his body. I just want him to feel better and painless. At that moment, I said a prayer that he would be saved. That he could have salvation. But he didn't....
I kinda blame myself for that. If only I could've prayed harder and earlier, he could've been saved now. I would know that he's safe and that he don't have to die twice. It was at the moment when my uncle called home to tell us that grandpa was admitted into ICU that I know it was too late.
He was in comma when we arrived to see him. He looked like a rag doll...with tubes attached to his whole body. He couldn't breathe on his own. So, there were tubes that pump air into and out of his lungs. His whole body like, jumps up when air is pumped in. It was like, he wasn't even there anymore. Like it was just a souless body lying there and it was all useless trying to save him. I almost cried twice in that quiet, air-conditioned room. His skin turned from yellow to dark brown, almost black in just one night.

I was there when he took his last breath. And it was soon after that, the graph on the machine gradually becomes a flat, straight line. Not a single tear fall from my eyes. I guess I just didn't take it in yet. Until now, I still feel that he's right beside me...still alive. Not that I'm in denial or anything. But I just kinda miss him, that's all. The ceremony was the next day. It was in Nirvana and the venue was pretty clean and nice. Many relatives and friends showed up that day and it was kinda cool that we had a family-bonding time. None of us felt really sad bout this coz most of us thought it was the only solution to his suffering. And it was time for him to go.

This may be the longest post I've ever written bout someone of my family. And I still have a lot to say bout my grandpa...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fact or Legend!?

Today I went crazy at school! I was going, "larva this...larvae that..." Yeah, seriously...larvae!! It all started when the budak petang who sits on the same place as I am carved a few holes on my desk. like, really deep, creepy holes. It reminded me of the story I read from the e-mail my friend sent me. You might've heard bout it. For those who don't, it's bout this anthropologist who just got back from her trip to North America. Upon returning, she realized that she has a rash on her left breast. She ignored it coz she thought it'll just heal on its own...but it didn't!! She just bandaged it and let it heal. When the rash got serious, she went to see the doctor, but it was too the wound was already bleeding and the rash formed holes in her left breast. When she finally felt intense pain, she opened the bandages...revealing...jeng jeng jeng....larvae!! She found larva squirming and feeding on her breast fat and tissue. The rash was no normal was actually the first signs of a larva infestation in her breast!!! And this wasn't even the gross should see the picture that was attached to the mail!! That's why I'm attaching a link to the About page about this story;
Click it...if you dare!!! it a fact, or a legend!? It most probably is a legend as the pix was really fake. About says that the photo was actually a compilation of pictures of a human breast, larva and a lotus seed pod. However, it was also mentioned that a case did happen before this but it was because the old lady dries her undergarments out near the bushes. And, she did not iron her undergarments. So, either this story's a fact or a legend, it's always safer to iron and wash your clothings.

p/s: To the composer of the e-mail, thanks for the millions of goosebumps I had while reading your mail. -NOT!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ABC: Shop till you drop!

FYI, ABC stands for 'Audrey's Book Club' and not the ABC chart, k?

And now....I'm gonna review bout my ultimate favourite book; 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Wee~~
This book is all bout this totally crazee shopper, Becky. And when I say crazy, I meant, really crazy! She owes the bank thousand of pounds and still finds time to get the cutest boots from the mall. She finds the craziest excuses just so she doesn't have to meet her bank manager. Like for example, she tells them her leg's broken, she's got glandular fever, her dog died...all that crap! Hah! You'll literally ROFL(Roll On Floor Laughing) & LMAO(Laugh My Ass Off). She tried many ways to solve her problem too. Like, try to strike a lottery, cut-back and MMM(Make More Money). But failed in the funniest ways. The weird thing is, she's a financial journalist! I repeat, a financial journalist! She can't even control her spending, how can she control others!? Plus, she has this huge imagination that goes beyond any human can think of. This whole book would truly put a huge smile on your face and you can never get enough of it!
BTW, the movie's coming out next year February, maybe. It's already filming. So, I highly recommend this book as I'm rating it 9/10. Well, I wanted to rate 10/10 but, no novel's perfect, right?

Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm not a person who would usually watch sci-fi movies (except Star Wars). But yesterday morning I watched a movie called 'The Lost Room' from 1.30a.m to 6a.m. I's crazy. But the movie is like a three-part series that got me hooked-up to know the ending. Here's what the story's about;

The movie is bout a detective who found a motel room key in a dead victim's posessions. He later found out that the key can open any doors to go to another dimension which is a room called 'Room 10'. In that room, there are normal everyday things called 'objects' that posesses special powers. For example, a comb can actually stop time. Oh yeah, did I mention that the key has special powers too? The room that is opened up by the key can actually lead to anywhere in the world that you wanna go!! That's so uber cool! Anyway, the main plot of the story is that Detective Joe lost his daughter Anna by accidentaly leaving her in the room and closed the door which evidently resetted the whole room, causing Anna to dissapear! He was hunted by cops for kidnapping and also by a clan called 'the Order' who mainly worships the objects and wish to collect them all. The scary part of this whole show is that the people do crazy things to get their hands on the objects! They can give up everything; money, family, jobs...just to own an object! Yeah, there were killings too. Besides, I was watching this in the middle of the night! How is that not scary!?

I highly recommend this movie if ur either; a) a sci-fi nerd or b) a person who likes thrillers and horrors. But u have to watch this with a friend or family member coz it's pretty creepy, the story. I rate it a 9/10, mainly because of the plot and Elle Fanning is playing Anna. But it's just way too long and creepy...

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Kerana dipaksa...

Yes, I'm unfortunately forced into doing this. Lim Ke Xin @ Sakyou-dono forced me. She created a new tagged game and heret-ed me into joining it. For more info, go see her blog.

1. The tag victim has to come up with 10 different things they want to do after SPM
2. Tag five other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
3. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
4. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT

My list of things to do:
1) Get my driving licence (most important!!)
2) Go National Service (if I'm chosen)
3) Go on an expense-paid trip to anywhere at all without any of my family members
4) Get a scholarship to Queensland University or Monash University
5) Colour my hair purple/red and I mean really purple! Which means I have to bleach my hair
6) If I'm not going NS, then I wanna get a job...any job would do except being a salesgirl!!
7) Pujuk2 my dad to get me a car
8) Get into a bar/pub/club to try various different alcohols and soak up the atmosphere (with a friend, of course!)
9) Move in with a friend near campus (if possible)
10) Throw or donate all of my notes, books, etc...that has got to do with SPM!!

I'm tagging; Syoran-kun, Carmen, Riku-chan, Sakyou-dono and Hige!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I don't know what to say...

I feel really bad right now. I don't know what to say. You know, I can understand right now if Sin Yi would never ever forgive me. I might not even forgive myself. I made her cry and I just wanna say a million times sorry right now. I guess He was right all along. The Lord did talk to me before I posted that terrible thing and He said, "Don't do it, child." I knew it but I still went along doing it. I don't deserve being called a Christian, do I? I call myself a Christian because I want to be one and I want to do what God wants me to do. But I'm not doing it, am I? I hurt people, I say bad things, I don't respect people, how am I ever gonna respect God!? The one thing I remember most about what the Bible said was that we should love God and love others like we love ourselves! I don't even do all those stuff! ARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!! I don't know what to say now but SORRY TAN SIN YI! AND IT'S TO TAN SIN YI! NOT ERI-CHAN, NOT SIN-CHAN NOT ALL THOSE CRAP WE NAMED YOU! YOU ARE YOU AND TRUTHFULLY I SAY, I DO LOVE YOU! I LOVE LIKE A SISTER! I JUST DO THINGS WRONG SOMETIMES AND I HOPE I WOULD NEVER SEE U CRY EVER AGAIN COZ IT HURTS ME TO SEE YOU CRY!!! I WOULD BEG YOU TO FORGIVE ME IF I COULD, RIGHT NOW!!