Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm not a person who would usually watch sci-fi movies (except Star Wars). But yesterday morning I watched a movie called 'The Lost Room' from 1.30a.m to 6a.m. I's crazy. But the movie is like a three-part series that got me hooked-up to know the ending. Here's what the story's about;

The movie is bout a detective who found a motel room key in a dead victim's posessions. He later found out that the key can open any doors to go to another dimension which is a room called 'Room 10'. In that room, there are normal everyday things called 'objects' that posesses special powers. For example, a comb can actually stop time. Oh yeah, did I mention that the key has special powers too? The room that is opened up by the key can actually lead to anywhere in the world that you wanna go!! That's so uber cool! Anyway, the main plot of the story is that Detective Joe lost his daughter Anna by accidentaly leaving her in the room and closed the door which evidently resetted the whole room, causing Anna to dissapear! He was hunted by cops for kidnapping and also by a clan called 'the Order' who mainly worships the objects and wish to collect them all. The scary part of this whole show is that the people do crazy things to get their hands on the objects! They can give up everything; money, family, jobs...just to own an object! Yeah, there were killings too. Besides, I was watching this in the middle of the night! How is that not scary!?

I highly recommend this movie if ur either; a) a sci-fi nerd or b) a person who likes thrillers and horrors. But u have to watch this with a friend or family member coz it's pretty creepy, the story. I rate it a 9/10, mainly because of the plot and Elle Fanning is playing Anna. But it's just way too long and creepy...

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