Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ABC: Shop till you drop!

FYI, ABC stands for 'Audrey's Book Club' and not the ABC chart, k?

And now....I'm gonna review bout my ultimate favourite book; 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Wee~~
This book is all bout this totally crazee shopper, Becky. And when I say crazy, I meant, really crazy! She owes the bank thousand of pounds and still finds time to get the cutest boots from the mall. She finds the craziest excuses just so she doesn't have to meet her bank manager. Like for example, she tells them her leg's broken, she's got glandular fever, her dog died...all that crap! Hah! You'll literally ROFL(Roll On Floor Laughing) & LMAO(Laugh My Ass Off). She tried many ways to solve her problem too. Like, try to strike a lottery, cut-back and MMM(Make More Money). But failed in the funniest ways. The weird thing is, she's a financial journalist! I repeat, a financial journalist! She can't even control her spending, how can she control others!? Plus, she has this huge imagination that goes beyond any human can think of. This whole book would truly put a huge smile on your face and you can never get enough of it!
BTW, the movie's coming out next year February, maybe. It's already filming. So, I highly recommend this book as I'm rating it 9/10. Well, I wanted to rate 10/10 but, no novel's perfect, right?

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