Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walk A Mile You'll Never Forget

This movie is one of the very few 3 hours movie I'd watch-next to LOTR. I always knew we had the cd on our 'pirated movies only' shelf. But never really got on to actually watch it coz well, it was Rated R for violence, language and some sex-related material. Besides, I don't do Stephen King, really. Sorry, not a horror, science fiction kind of reader. It's weird, ya know? Watching some weird, supernatural, horror movie in the middle of the night-the night before my final day of trial exam. It's both disturbing and comforting, mostly the former.

It's pretty disturbing, the thing they do to the prisoners on death row. How they electrocute them at the end of their trial. They make it look like a whole stage performance! People come in wearing their best clothes and sit on chairs in front of the electric chair and witness the whole process! Well, on the bright side, at least Tom Hanks and his colleagues at Block E does it by giving the least pressure and most dignity to the prisoners.

Anyway, the whole show isn't about Tom Hanks. It's about this prisoner that has the power of faith healing. He was framed and got sentenced into death row. He could perform miracles in front of the guards' eyes! And it was amazing! Is it true? Can someone really perform miracles like that? You tell me.

Believe it or not, this movie has its funny side too. So, you can imagine the feelings flooding in throughout the whole movie. I just love it when Tom Hanks says "What happens in the mile, stays in the mile." It should be the tagline for the whole movie. If all else fails and you hate the storyline, you can still watch Tom Ha
nks, right? Who doesn't like Tom Hanks, huh? I pretty much recommend this movie to everyone. It's pretty deep, but it has a little of everything for everyone.