Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear God, My Ideal Box

Sometimes I wish I could pick out the little things and people in life that I like and put them into a box. Then I'll live the rest of my life inside that box. If that were to come true, my box would have lavender fields, chocolate falls, ice-cream boats swimming in the chocolate that would never melt, marshmallow penguins and dolphins that would swim with me in the chocolate river, books in the clouds that I can just pluck out and read, stars made of gummy bears, flowers with all the colors I could think of for me to use as paintbrushes whenever I feel like painting on the sky, a floating glass house with a bed made of bubbles that would sometimes float up and around the sky, I would use a rainbow to slide down from the house and a bubble would take me up, the weather will change according to my mood (when I'm happy, I want to see the sun and when I'm sad, I want to see the moon), when I want to watch something, the sky is the screen, a tune would follow with each step that I take, AND all the people that I love would be there; my family, friends, Super Junior, Coldplay, Backstreet Boys...

This just goes to show that a person can think of anything at all when imagination is applied. I just feel sad these few days because I know that next year when I transfer, I need to separate from all the things I've known for 19 years of my life. I know it will happen eventually but a person can dream, right? What's your box like?