Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fact or Legend!?

Today I went crazy at school! I was going, "larva this...larvae that..." Yeah, seriously...larvae!! It all started when the budak petang who sits on the same place as I am carved a few holes on my desk. like, really deep, creepy holes. It reminded me of the story I read from the e-mail my friend sent me. You might've heard bout it. For those who don't, it's bout this anthropologist who just got back from her trip to North America. Upon returning, she realized that she has a rash on her left breast. She ignored it coz she thought it'll just heal on its own...but it didn't!! She just bandaged it and let it heal. When the rash got serious, she went to see the doctor, but it was too late...as the wound was already bleeding and the rash formed holes in her left breast. When she finally felt intense pain, she opened the bandages...revealing...jeng jeng jeng....larvae!! She found larva squirming and feeding on her breast fat and tissue. The rash was no normal rash...it was actually the first signs of a larva infestation in her breast!!! And this wasn't even the gross part...you should see the picture that was attached to the mail!! That's why I'm attaching a link to the About page about this story;
Click it...if you dare!!!

So...is it a fact, or a legend!? It most probably is a legend as the pix was really fake. About says that the photo was actually a compilation of pictures of a human breast, larva and a lotus seed pod. However, it was also mentioned that a case did happen before this but it was because the old lady dries her undergarments out near the bushes. And, she did not iron her undergarments. So, either this story's a fact or a legend, it's always safer to iron and wash your clothings.

p/s: To the composer of the e-mail, thanks for the millions of goosebumps I had while reading your mail. -NOT!


Sakyou-dono said...

tau pun creepy..
say,,, what's ur fav dish again??

audrey said...

hahas...well...if u really wanna noe. On normal days, I love having sushi. But on crazy days like these, stir-fry total larva goodness!! mm-mmm...yummy!