Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My paranoid self

First of all, I scratched Jazzy. I'm so sorry, to whoever that feels the pain. It's a funny story, really.
As it is every single day, HELP parking lot is full of cars, double-parked and all. But I reached at 2pm (Again & Again~), when there are available parking spots but there are double-parked cars that came earlier, blocking the road.
When I was turning the corner to find a parking spot, I was in a hurry so I drove right between these two double-parked cars. One was this Kelisa with someone inside. It kinda was my fault because I think he was trying to drive past me but I drove through. But then again, it was a one way street. Mind you, I was going the right way.
So, I scratched this Proton Iswara on my left side that has no one in it. At first I didn't realize until the car began to screech and the Proton began to shake a little. I was paranoid...so I just drove front to end the pain. I did what any 18 year old with a P license would do, I sped away.
I found a parking spot, quickly ran down to check on the damage, all the time praying it's not bad. It was pretty bad...in my opinion. There's two really bad long scratches and a small dent (barely recognizable from a distance).
I felt so bad that I instantly called my mum to confess. She wasn't even paying attention, telling me "Yeah, I know...kakak told me you left the fried rice at home." (Like I would call her to tell her that!) Then I kept repeating over and over again, "I scratched the car..!" She asked me, "Har? How come? Is it bad? How much is the person asking for?" The instant when I said, "No...it's a parked car...no one was inside." she calmed down and replied, "Oh..then ok lah. Come back only talk lah."
I had my persuasive speech that day and couldn't concentrate during Moral class either. The whole scene kept repeating in my head all the time. I was going crazy until my friends started to verbally slap me across the face. Okay, I was pretty paranoid about the whole thing. It's not like I've never scratched a car before, but this was the worst case.
Anyway, public speaking lecturer pretty moody because we weren't prepared for speech but on the bright side, I presented and although it wasn't my best, I got okay marks. I really don't care..as long as I can go back to rest.

Then today, I've got a pretty bad case of coughing. I kept saying that I have TB, lung infection, asthma...all that. My friends had to verbally slap me again but the coughing didn't get any better. The bak kut teh I had for dinner didn't help either. I have SOS (Special Occasion Speech or as my friend would say, Suck Our Souls) for Public Speaking
tomorrow. Tomorrow is also the day that we have been preparing for 12 weeks now...Science Fair. Now, I didn't put any hope on winning with our common project but at least get good marks for our course le. Gonna do a lot of talking tomorrow.

Sigh..lots of driving to do these days. Don't really like driving people around no more. But then, it saves petrol. Hmm...gonna pray some more!! Aja~!

My Saskwatch Hair (before combing)

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さきょう said...

Haha!! I knew it!!

Relax lah.. Not entirely your fault also what. They go and double park.

Anyways, agree with what Aki-chan said, safety first. Car nevermind, as long as you're safe can ady.