Tuesday, November 17, 2009

5 hours

Hee...getting the hype for posting. Hopefully it'll last.
Gahh!! I want my Hong Kong Wantan Mee~!
Supposed to go to Macau and HK with parents next week. Because of the Science Fair, I can't bring myself to go.
Tuesdays is the most boring of days for me. I come to college at 8am then go back at 5.30 pm for only two classes with 5 hours break in between. What do I do? Assignments...they never end.
Wanted to go home for lunch considering that I'm broke. But no...I had to join the Peer Mentoring Program and meet every alternate Tuesdays. It's fun to let go of my stress sometimes. But it's tiring too...I don't like the fact that they treat us like patients.
Hey! You know what? I signed up to be a mentor, not a mentee. I thought it'll be fun~ Getting a junior to bully around. It's all just a facade. Telling us that we'll be mentoring people when in fact they're recruiting guinea pigs for their graduate studies.
Should've seen that coming...

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Jon said...

it better last...and leave comment on my blog too!!