Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm getting sick these days. Had the flu, then sprained my leg, then got a jab for Hepatitis A and now...getting a headache from God know's what. It might have been the infection in my pierced ear that got my equilibrium all off. It's been almost two months since I've pierced my ears and it's not getting any better. I'm giving up on it...just gonna take it out and let it heal. I'm keeping my ears, thank you very much.
Yeah, maybe this is a way my body and God is trying to tell me to surrender and let it all go. All my worries and pain, just throw it away. I'm considering on going on a long trip. Like when I have my month long holiday next month, I might go on a trip somewhere quiet and just be on my own and relax. I don't wanna go some touristy place, just me, the sun and the beach. No phones, no internet, no connection to the world. I think if I get too used to that life, I wouldn't wanna come back anymore. I feel like just wandering around the world with the clothes on my back and just face each day as it is. No strings attached. God will provide for me. It's like being a disciple of God. I just do what He asks me to do. No more struggling to get an A or getting a job or getting married or having kids. Just God and myself.

p.s: Getting tired of worldy things; money, celebrities...
p.p.s: I hope I grow up fast, then I can go on a trip by myself.

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