Sunday, June 7, 2009

Daylight Robbery

Went to Times Square with a couple of friends. After so many months, maybe even years I didn't visit Times Square, it definitely changed a lot! The stores were made for the lala people. The only reason I used to go Times Square was for Borders but now its 2 storey glory have been downsized to only 1 floor. BTS Borders is seriously underappreciated.
Anyway, a person that hates shopping for clothes like me, had to wait outside of stores for my friends. But this visit definitely got me reaping some rewards, I found out that some stores sell Japanese street fashion clothes like Lolita. It's so cool! Have to make another trip there to do some research with Sue for our paper.
Anyway, VinXi 'dragged' me to this store that sells all things Idol, particularly Korean and Taiwanese. They have everything from posters, key-chains, mirrors, wind-chimes, anything you can ever think of! Obviously, we searched Suju things like crazy. I actually grabbed and dumped everything Suju into a basket, which was full to the brim. What went through my mind that time was to grab everything that catches my eye and filter them later. Like in Kinokuniya the other day, I wanted to buy the whole store! First time in my life I felt like a real shopaholic. Didn't bring out enough money and all that.
The people there knows how to exploit us and make big bucks! When I was cashing out my things, I began to feel cheated. I still can't believe I spent 18 bucks on a poster and a DIY key-chain. I know, stupid right? But of course, it felt right that time. It's only when I leave the store that I feel like I got robbed. Like someone poked a hole into my purse and money just kept flowing out. Hmm...the store owner must be driving a Beemer and living in a service apartment next to KLCC with all the money she's making. Dang! She sure knows how to make a fool out of the crazy fans. The celebrities have a right to claim royalties from her.
We even deposited 25 bucks each for the Suju 3rd album ver. C which I must say, I'm happy to get it but at RM75, it's a bit pricey. Okay la, it's imported and shipment is very expensive. However, this is the first original album I've ever gotten. Even with Backstreet Boys, my first love, I had never bought their original album before. I'm a practical, frugal person. This fandom thing is seriously getting back at me.
How did I get so crazy over this whole thing? It's not to that point yet, but if I let it get out of hand, celebrity worshipping is bound to come. I'm never going down that road. I'm not gonna be a crazy elf.

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さきょう said...

Yes, I have to say I thought so too.
BSB, I never thought of going off limits like I did with SUJU. When SUJU's album came out, I just feel so much of buying it and supporting them.
Whenever I have free time, SUJU's all I ever think and talk about. Suddenly I'm a big fan of Youtube.

But I have to say it's worth me bucks =D