Sunday, May 31, 2009

Elves are crazy!

I feel so sick right now, like I'm about to barf. Reading this right after my dinner doesn't help either.

Sick! That poor girl just took a picture with Kangin of SJ and the E.L.F members verbally attacked her. What's wrong with this world!? Gosh, don't they have anything better to do at home? I mean, it's okay to be Super Junior fans, but this is taking the word overboard to an octave higher. I love Suju myself, but this is just too much. All they did was apologize and it's as if that made everything alright. SM should close down the fanclub. What about the family members of Lee Eun Ji? Don't they matter? I can't believe that today, the media can actually kill a person, literally.

How did we come from Adam and Eve to now? Today's society is seriously decaying. Take Akon for example, I loved his song 'Lonely' least it meant something. How did he go from there to 'I Wanna Make Love'!? I don't care if you wanna make love....why would you wanna tell people you wanna make love? That's sick and wrong! The only thing more sick and wrong is that people actually listens to it. That song actually shot up the billboard charts. Gah!!

I'm dissing the Elves and Akon fans right now, thing you'll know, I'll get verbally attacked by both parties. I'm going to die young...

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