Monday, May 11, 2009

Darn it!

Haih....failed my driving test-AGAIN! This time, I went into the wrong lane. Just when I wanna go into the big road, where all the traffic is...he asked me to stop at the side. I didn't take extra class after the last time I failed...maybe that's why. Me and my big ego. I felt like barfing before taking the's that nerve-wrecking! I did many other performances at school before and had never felt this way. Maybe because I had something to lose here. I think I may have developed driving phobia. I feel like throwing my L license into the drain and take the public transport for the rest of my life. If Malaysia's public transport don't suck this much, I would've done just that. 

Bottom line, gonna try again! Fighting! Ganbatte! Jiayou! 

p/s: if only driving is as easy as studying...

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