Sunday, May 10, 2009

Supaa Junia!

Been watching and listening to Super Junior a lot lately. Don't call me a bf stealer, VinXi, you did this to me! LOL! From my last post, VX danced to Super Junior songs a lot. "Go back and watch their videos la...I dance correct wan~" she said. Oh...I watched alright...and was instantly hooked. I'm 
not cheating on SS501 but...Suju dance very nice leh. Mianhe, SS501~

Suju came to the MTV Asia Awards last year in Genting Highlands. I was there! But I had no idea who Suju was. The MCs, fans were all talking about them. Fans of Suju swarmed in with glow in the dark banners. I'm regretting it now...I didn't even pay attention when they went on stage. It was probably the only chance I got to see them in person. 

I'm not a person that goes after Korean stuffs...especially not Korean dramas. But Suju's Sorry Sorry video is so uber fantastic that I wonder how much training they went on to perfect it. I've already watched them on Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, Intimate Note, Exploring the Human Body, Super Junior Mini-Drama and now watching Super Junior Full House. Seriously, they're very funny, particularly in Intimate Note and Exploring the Human Body. The first SJ MV I saw was 'U' and the only person I noticed was Heechul. His hair is really beautiful...he's beautiful, seriously! Heechul is really, the weird one. His personality is very different because he tries to stand out. He's also self-absorbed. Watch this video

At the end, he mentioned: "It can't be helped! I, Kim Heechul, was born to successfully make women fall in love with me. Its not my fault! Its not of my own free will! My mother and father created this face!"
Haha! That really made me laugh out loud!

p/s: Xing, I'm not a Korean stuff fan, just SS501 & Suju fan... ^^

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