Sunday, May 17, 2009

Addicted...Am I Really?

Addicted to all that has to do with Super Junior lately. Evidence?
1. Been spending my semester break watching every single variety show that has Suju in it. From Super Junior Full House to Intimate Note. According to witnesses, namely my sister and mother, I just sit in front of the laptop everyday laughing like crazy. Having the first symptoms of sounding like Eeteukie when he laughs. His laugh is like, "Ahihihihi!!" Watch
2. Been spending my semester break watching Super Junior MVs and downloading all their songs. I'm beginning to be like VinXi!
3. Ate Korean food today, Kimchi soup. I admit, Suju had some effect there. Seriously, if I didn't watch them eating the delicious Kimchi soup in Adonis camp, I wouldn't even have thought about it at all.

Result: Yes, I am addicted to Super Junior. To the point that my best friend told me, and I quote; "I lost my best friend to Suju! She has Korean citizenship!" My aunt told my mum today; "Next time you'll get a Korean son in-law." 

=.=" I'm still 100% Malaysian, okay?

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