Saturday, February 16, 2008

EDC Scandal!!

I'm sure most of you guys knew bout the scandal. I just read this article from Shanghaiist and I quote:
"The Vancouver Sun, in its report of the scandal, embarrassed itself by mistakenly inserting the picture of Wang Lee-Hom (王力宏) instead of Edison Chen and has since apologised for the boo-boo"
I mean, Lee Hom and Ed Chen is so different! One is soooo hot and the other is err...not. And for the record, Lee Home is the hot one! Haizz...Lee Hom's image tercemar!
So much has happened since this scandal. Cecilia Cheung got a seperation from Nicholas Tse, Bobo Chan's marriage was canceled and Gillian Chung attempted suicide! Which reminds me, why are most of his...ehem, scandal partners have got surnames starting with the letter C? That's so weird...
Apparently. the mystery man who posted all of Ed's pix on the internet called himself Kira! You know, Kira from Death Note? I wonder if he has got a death note...if he does, I'm sure he wrote something like this on it;
"Edison Chen Kwoon Hei: die of suicide on, ??/??/????. Cause of death, publicly humiliated with scandal photos of himself with famous Hong Kong actresses."
I still remember watching a list of top Asian celebrities on E! last year and EDC was one of them. In fact, he was beside Rain, yes, The Rain! He had a real good chance in breaking into Hollywood but he ruined it. Even Jackie Chan was disturbed by this cause when he was asked bout his comments on Ed's scandal with Vincy Yeung, he seemed uncomfortable. This scandal had even caught the attention of CNN! CNN! Can you believe it!? Don't they have better things to do? Like, report on famine in Africa of something... Anyway, here's what they said;
"Over here in America, when an actor tapes himself screwing the biggest celebrities in the country, every guy he meets on the street will give him a jumping high-five and every girl he filmed will get even more movie deals and record contracts."
CNN is so pro-American government. I mean, they dish out bout some Hong Kong celebrity's scandal but not President Bush's ongoing domination on other countries? I mean, come on man, is that any fair at all? I'll let you be the judge...

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