Friday, February 22, 2008


God forbid, I swear I'm gonna pass out soon! I'm sooo tired now. My head feels like it weighs a ton! I only slept like, 3 hours And it isn't coz I was on the computer(like my bro is). I was staying up the whole night till 2.30 a.m doing Maths and woke up at 5a.m again to continue. I stacked all of my Maths homework and finally do it when the deadline came I know, this is very unexpected of an alpha student. But I love doing that, maybe coz I follow the rule, 'Play first, Work later'. Well, it's not gonna happen again, coz my head hurts from cramming all of the info at once. I swear(again) that I saw the number -2 written on the tar road while walking back from school. My friend thinks I'm insane.

My best bud, 'Lala' can sleep for at least 10 hours a day and when she really go for the maximum, 12 hours! Man, when she said her hobby was sleeping, she wasn't kidding! How can she get 10-12 hours of sleep when I can only get 4-6 hours? I thought bout that and I think it's coz she don't go out much, watch anime/tv much or go online. She's like this virgin in a modern world! She should go out more to see the outside world coz we're breaking out of high school next year! It's kinda scary, really. Going out there unprotected by the vulnerable school system anymore. Anyway, she was teased mercilessly by Thavin today when we were on duty at the front gate. Thavin said that if she slept 12 hours a day, that means she lost half of the day and this means she lost half of her life already! LOL! 'Lala' should really try hard to stay up late or her youth would be used up soon. Besides, if she really wants to be a neurologist, she must learn to stay up real late.

p/s: Kids out there, don't try staying up late like me, you'll regret it after taking a look at all those bags under your eyes and think about the wrinkles!!

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