Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zero the Hero!!??

Before I start writing what I want to write, Sakyou-dono, I know you sure say that I copy you review bout anime but I have to comment bout Code Geass. You'll see why when you watch it.

Okies, Code Geass is bout the kingdom of Brittania who took over Japan years ago with robots called Knightmares. Thus, the Japan is renamed as 'Area 11' and Japanese as 'Elevens' and their freedom were taken away. Many resistant groups still lives among the 'Elevens', waiting for a chance to attack the Brittanian army. Meanwhile, the story also revolves around a Brittanian prince, Lelouch Vi Brittania who seeks revenge on the terrorists who murdered his mother and crippled his sister. Apart from that, Lelouch also vowed to destroy the Brittanian empire due to his father, the emperor's reluctance to find out the truth about Queen Marrianne's death. Years later, Lelouch encounters a girl named C.C. who gave him the power of Geass (a power to control and command other people).

Now, for my view on the anime. To me, the main protagonist of the story is the emperor because without him, the Japanese wouldn't suffer and Lelouch wouldn't seek revenge and become Zero (the main enemy of the Brittanian army). Zero wouldn't cause havoc among the citezens and he also wouldn't have hurt so many people around him! Although Geass isn't considered a person, I think that it is the main reason for driving Lelouch and other people so crazy! Man, you would see what I mean when you watch episode 22 of the anime. The crazy thing bout this whole anime is that, eventhough Zero brought so many sadness and suffering, the Japanese call him a 'symbol of hope' and 'messiah' just because he's the #1 enemy of Brittania! It's not like he will bring back Japan from the old days! The ending is super unexpected and super sad!! Sakyou-dono, you might wanna return the anime to wherever you bought it coz the last 2 episodes hilang. It drove me nuts, so I watched the ending on You Tube.

(the guy at the front is Lelouch and the guy at the back is Suzaku, his best friend and also his greatest enemy coz he's an honourary Brittanian knight!)

Finally, I would give a rating for this anime a 7/10. I wanted to give it a 6/10 only coz throughout the anime, they kept repeating the same old stuff and it got boring. But, the ending made me raise it by a point. My final comment is to Sakyou-dono too. Weii...remove Lelouch from your list of favourite anime characters la. He's so cold-hearted and even if he's very 'leng chai' and 'yeng', he has no feelings!!! You would agree with me after you watch the anime.^^

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