Monday, February 18, 2008

American Idol!!

American Idol is officially my favourite show on the planet! Not just because of Simon Cowell, though, he is fun to watch as he can be mean and nice at the same time. Like when he tell auditioners that 'u ain't got it' he would probably say something like this: "Sweetheart, that just reminded of the nightmare I had last night." Can you believe him?

Anyway, I just came to LOVE American Idol like the rest of any living American citizen because of David Archuleta. Yes, he's cute, he's young, he's likeable and he's got the voice! Can you get any better than that? He's especially hot among the ladies.You should really go visit cos the comments on David'll drive you crazy! Go see the photos section where all of the photos of the Top 24 are up. You'll soon realize that, photos with David on it(even a lil glimpse) would have at least 2 pages of comments where girls would just scream something like, "David A., I love you!" or, "David, marry me!!" Not that I'm one of those girls or anything. I mean, he's just 17, man! Give him a break! God knows what them girls would do to him when he's alone.

David kinda reminds me of Sanjaya Malakar from last season. Not that they look alike or anything, just that they're both popular with the voters. In fact, they're a lot more different than same. Sanjaya is charming but not a good singer while David is naive and cute at the same time AND a real good singer! It's kinda crazy what voters would do just to see their fav idol on stage(even if they can't sing). And lemme tell you this, what the voters did bout Sanjaya is totally nuts! They should take on Simon's side, he's the music genius! He nearly quit his job because of this. If Simon quitted, the ratings'll drop for sure. Anyway, David A. is The American Idol for season 7 for sure! Apart from the fact that 90% of the voters are rooting for David and that the judges love him, he's also very likeable among the contestants. Need I say more?

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