Monday, April 28, 2008


I attended MSG last Friday and Saturday and I had to say I was reluctant at first, but eventually went anyway coz my sis signed me up. It turned out to be the best weekend I had! BTW, MSG stands for Ministering Spiritual Gifts and not Ajinomoto. Pastor Serena Shim was the speaker
The whole programme was based on 1 Cor 12-14 which talks bout Spiritual Gifts. There are 9 gifts altogether that are given by God through manifestation of the Spirit. On Friday night, we were learning how to speak in tongues. Well, not all were learning coz most of us already knew. But it was more like strengthening of the tongues. Basically, speaking in tongues is the ability to communicate with God in a language only He knows. When speaking, the presence of God would fill around us and we wouldn't be speaking, but the Holy Spirit in us would be speaking.

At the beginning when I learned to speak in tongues, I just kinda followed everyone else and I got a hang of it. I didn't know if I'm doing it right until I attended MSG. I learned that I have to speak really loud and clear continuosly. When you first start, you keep taking deep breaths coz you're afraid you don't get enough air to speak. Eventually, you just know you can do it! It has a rather odd feeling at you're spirit is high and something in you is growing and your heart feels like it's beating faster but it's not. After a while, when the presence of the Lord is around you, you get a feeling in your gut that grows out and about. It's just an amazing feeling that mere words can't explain!!

After that, we had a session where Pastor Serena taught us how to prophecy. It basically means forthtelling but it also means foretelling in the Old Testement. She gave each of us papers and asked us to write sentences beginning with 'The Lord says....' We had to pray in tongues together and close our eyes and feel what God is trying to tell us. Then, without thinking, we have to write down what comes into our mind. At first, we had to prophecy for ourselves, then we move on to prophecy for other people and on Saturday, we had to prophecy for groups!! The scariest part is that you don't know if it's true and you just blabber out anything that comes into your mind. The final prophecy was done in a group where there were two circles, one in another. It works when the outer circle closes their eyes while the inner circle moves from one person to another. It's hard to explain but frankly, we have to prophecy to another person in front of you without knowing who it is!! On Saturday, I spent the whole day there, prophecying and during the night, I felt so happy deep inside that I never felt before! It's like, the happiest moment of my life that I wanna cry tears of joy! I'm guessing it's coz I felt the presence of God.

On Sunday, there was a last session but I couldn't go coz there was a Sejarah seminar going on. I heard from my sis that it was the best one yet coz they sung from the Bible loudly with instruments. The amazing part is that they experienced the presence of Satan when they sung warfare songs and finaly triumphed over it. Finally, after hours, all of them experienced the glory of God and had an image where they were marching towards God and they were singing and looking at God!! At the end of it all, Pastor Serena prophecied on each of them and I wasn't there!! Aww...what a waste!

To sum it all up, I learned a lot and I didn't even know that I had this gift in me. Like I said, it's the best weekend I had!

p/s: still have to practice speaking in tongues and prophecying everyday ^^

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