Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Real Name : See Tho Wai Siong
Nickname : Audrey, Kaori-chan, Siong, Ctho, Ju-On(yeah, i admit it...but it doesn't mean that I like it!)
Married : Nope
Male/Female : 30% Woman, 40% Girl, 30% Tomboy=undefined gender
High School : SMK Bandar Tun Hussein Onn 2
Short/ Long Hair : short long hair=medium hair loh~
Are u a healthy freak : Yeah..kinda. Got it from my mum.
Height : 170cm..which makes me 5ft6?
Do u have a crush on someone? : Nope...not now.
Do u like yourself : Like, duh!
Piercings : 3 on each ear
Righty of lefty : Righty

Surgery : At birth?
Piercing : Standard 1...on my ear lobe
Person u see in the morning : See Tho Wai Siong
Award : Preschool Sports Award...silver trophy, btw.. ^^
Sport you joined : Shopping!
Pet : A german spitz named June that's gonna kick the bucket soon.
Vacation : international or domestic? If domestic-Muar, Johor-I guess. International would be Hong Kong
Concert : Westlife! I still have their poster on my wall! lolx~
First crush : My standard 1 ketua kelas(1 Cempaka)

Eating: nothing
Drinking: nothing
I'm about to : go hit the hay

Your future...
Want kids : Yeah...2 kids of my own and adopt more kids from around the world!!
Want to get married: If got candidate ma got lo...if dun haf ma dun haf lo~
Careers in mind: Psychologist

Which is better?
Lips or eyes?: Eyes...after all, they're the windows to our souls.
Hugs or kisses: Both la..not come together wan meh?
Shorter or taller?: For me, neither coz I'm tall enough. For my guy, taller la of coz...got sense of security ma~
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous with a tiny hint of romantic coz too much romance makes me wanna hurl.
Sensitive or loud: A little of both
Troublemaker or hesitant?: Troublemaker

Have u ever....
Kissed a stranger?: What do u mean? Just kiss some random person on the street? Eww..no!
Drank bubbles: If u mean non-alcoholic, just 2 days ago. If alcoholic, I'm planning to do it in after SPM.
Lost glasses/contacts: Yes! Plenty of times! ^^
Ran away from home: No...I'm a daddy's girl..^^
liked someone younger: I think so..
liked someone older: Duh~
Broke someone's heart: Yeah
Cried when someone died: Yeah

Do u believe in...
Yourself?: Yes...50%
Miracles: Yes...anything can happen
Heaven: Yeah...duh~
Santa Claus: Yes...embarassingly up until I was 8
Magic: Black Magic, yes. But I don't practice it, k?
Angels: Yup

Answer truthfully...
Is there someone you want to be with right now?: YEAH!!
Do u believe in God?: Of course..after all, who would we be without God? BTW, even Satan believes in God...

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