Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yo Peeps!! We just created a new blog and I linked it in my blog under the name, 'Chocoholics' la...duh! Go visit it, ya? Leave your comment in the cbox. To the writers, please....feel free to write whatever crap you want in the blog, k? It's like a friendship blog. You can write anything you want and we're all there to listen and leave comments. Of course, no vulgar and no nudity in the pix, please!! Haha...

p/s: this may very well be the shortest post I've ever written...but whatever! Just stay connected and come read my blog more often, yeah? BTW, I created another new blog for my own personal use. It's like a diary/journal. So, if you wanna know what I'm going through everyday, you can read it. Toddles~

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