Friday, May 2, 2008


Heyy people! I went to Ding!'s house today to bake a chocolate cheesecake for Pn.Shanti. YiYi and Joolz came along too! It was such a fun evening...I almost wanted to sleepover there...haha! Anyway...the cake came out so nice and creamy. Ah~ it was so deliciously tempting, we couldn't get enough of it. For more info, check out the Chocolate For Friends blog...I've even inserted video clips..^^

p/s: Yiyi took her pants off in front of me and Ding!! Haha..ok la, it wasn't actually taking off her pants. It was more like zipping the bottom leg of her pants off coz she wanted to wanted to wear short pants. I dunno how to describe...but her pants can transform into short pants from long ones.

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