Sunday, April 13, 2008


Guess what? I've just been to cicakland last week! It wasn't a nice experience. I got attacked by 3 cicaks! Okay...we(the moral students) were following Pn.Sam(our moral teacher) to snap photos for our kerja kursus Moral. Anyway, we went to this padang behind the school buildings to take photos coz the pix must be bout alam sekitar. I got a wonderful(not so wonderful now) idea to hold some of the strings hanging from a tree and pretend to clean up the padang. Haizz...I know, not ikhlas...but what to do? Must get A1 for Moral must do everything necessary lo.
Okay, while I was holding up the strings and passed them to my friends, I picked up the last bundle of strings and felt something sticky and wet on my hand. Guess what it is? Bingo! It was a cicak!! I know, eww...but that wasn't even the worst part! Wait till the end of the story. So, I did any girl would do when we touch anything disgusting, SCREAM! Yes, this applies to tomboys like me too. I dunno what happened to my friends, but the next thing I know is that they were screaming with me..lolx! Moving on...I picked up the same bundle of strings and another cicak attacked me!! But luckily, this one kesiankan me coz when I screamed(again), it jumped off and saved me from getting a heart attack. The funny thing is that my friends screamed with me-again! Yeah, LMAO.
Once kena attack, okay la...normal. But three times!? Definately not normal! Yes...I repeat, I got attacked by cicaks three times! The third attack was the worst of the worst! After all the commotion, we walked back to class while talking bout our unpleasant experience all the way. Apparently, my day wasn't bad and packed full of surprises enough already coz Kyeng screamed for the third time that day and very loudly at that-in front of the school office! As expected, everyone followed suit. I didn't scream at first, then when Kyeng pointed her finger at my skirt, the colour drained from my face and I freaked out. I hopped around even more when she said that there's a cicak attached to my skirt! I kept jumping and waved around my skirt pointlessly. Peach tried to shake it off my skirt but didn't dare to touch it. But it wouldn't get off!! Luckily for me, Devan was there(bless him) and he helped me flick it off... Before it ran away, the thing didn't forget to leave me a gift coz it left its still moving tail behind. Well, its probably afraid of the constant ear-piercing shrieks by me and my fellow classmates.
After this experience, I dare not come near any reptiles...big or small. BTW, you're probably asking why am I attaching a Cicakman pix on this post. Well, the Americans have Superman, Batman and Spiderman and Malaysian have Cicakman. I was just wondering, if they wanna create a superhero to compete with the Westerns, why choose cicak? At least Batman is..well, based on bat. Bats are not gross like cicaks. I just wanna say to the creators of Cicakman to please create a superhero that is heroic and not gross like how cicaks are.

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