Thursday, November 27, 2008

Good or Bad day?

Yo peeps! Sorry for not uploading for such a long time. But I haf a lot to say now...seriously, a lot! First of all, I am forever ultimately happy to inform that I am off the hook! It is officially the end of my secondary school years symbolised by the end of SPM!

Okay, so I thought, it's really, really the end of school-ever-that has got to be a good thing, right? But apparently, my hunch about somewhere in between SPM, I'll mess up one paper or another was right! I messed up Seni today! I mean, if I take up a subject by choice, people would expect an A from me right? It's as if something is always there....lurking to ruin the best day of my 17 year old life. Worst of all, I didn't finish the painting! Come on, how hard could it be, right? But as the crappy perfectionist that I am, I can't help but fuss over every single detail of the bloody painting that I forgot to dress my humans in the painting and put hair on 'em. I left one of the most vital parts untouched! It's not like the pemeriksa is gonna appreciate the work I put on the sky behind the humans enough to overlook their transparent bodies and head! Arghh!!! It's so frustrating!! I actually cried a little after that and even did my EST 2 a little slowly.

Putting that aside, we had planned to watch Twilight that premiered today, months ago! I have waited a long time for it and even check our Steph's website every single day! Oh sure, I'm pretty happy that SPM is over but one gives me a breakkkk! Okay, a little overelaboration right there, but who cares!? It's my day! We had to rush all over to Jusco to grab the tickets right after the EST paper only to find out that there was no rushing necessary, the cinema was practically empty! And after that, we went into the box late that we missed a lil' of the front part. Okay basically...not that bad-yet.

Coming back home, my dad asked me to tundakan my NS and I was pretty dissapointed coz unlike most of the 17 year olds in Malaysia right now, I actually wanted to go NS. They had me appointed to Batch No. 3! I mean, am I not good enough for Batch 1!!?? Oh sure, they can send most of the Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur and SBP students to Batch 1 but I-Audrey (Kaori) See Tho Wai Siong a suburban student from a very suburban school am not good enough for Batch 1? Well, that's just plain discrimination! They just pass on judgments to people that live outside town that they're better off at some pro-governmental camp than studying at college? We-the suburban people-are every inch as good as them, maybe even better!! Well lemme tell you something, I ain't gonna go to NS unless they shift me to Batch 1. I'll just improvise and tunda the thing until I'm 35 and don't have to go no more. Hah!

So...Good or Bad day? You be the judge!

*Just wanna remind you guys to tally up the fact that I did not even write bout Twlight-the long-awaited movie of the year-but instead, I focused on crapping bout NS.

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