Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm a kid again

Behold! I'm officially an American Degree Transfer(Liberal Arts) majoring in Psychology student at HELP University College.'s so very different from high school. I guess people here are more mature and they're more open than the peeps at SMKBTHO2. Not surprisingly, when people ask me which school I was from, I tell them the bloody long name, they put on a quizzical expression. My high school is super ulu!!

Today's actually my third day at HELP. I missed the orientation. So, had to make friends by myself. Luckily, I met Carmen at Chemis 101L and made fast friends. Then, she introduced me to her friends she met at orientation and we kinda formed into a clique. Anyway...I still feel kinda like a kampung girl. Most of them come from PJ/Ampang area. I'm the only Cheras girl. They are different from people I normally meet at quaint little BTHO. I feel kinda awkward around them sometimes. But it's alright...they're real nice people. After all, we're all freshies, so, we talk about the same kiddy stuff.

I thought going college and escaping the evil clutches of high school would grant me more free time, more margin for myself. It's probably the opposite. Sure, classes are shorter. But the travelling time and early classes drive me crazy. Just yesterday, I had four classes in line and had to wake up at 6am to travel all the way to college just to avoid the morning rush. Then, I waited for 40min for the bus to KL Sentral to go home and took KTM to Tasik Selatan. My sis came to pick me up at the station and eventually, I arrived home at 8.40pm. So, from now onwards, I hate tuesdays. I used to hate mondays because I was lazy for Taekwondo and classes were pretty heavy. But now, colleges are even heavier than high schools.

Though, campus life is pretty cool. For one, I have full access to a pc with internet and a huge library(with real books...not crappy high school BM novels). The people here are more open than high school faculty and students(even muslims). I can get to know people from Korea, Japan, Arab, Pakistan,'s pretty cool! I can tell people I'm from Korea and they'd believe. Well...I don't have to, most already think I am. I'm just waiting for some Korean to walk up to me and start talking in their language. Basically, I can have a totally different identity from high school.

I miss my high school friends, though. I'm just afraid that we'll be further apart because of the distance. I love them and I wouldn't want to lose them. At the beginning, I was real quiet with my college friends and I don't know what to say. I am the kind of person that keeps quite when we're not close and talks a lot when we're close enough. I can't really be myself in front of them. I can't joke stupid things with them like I do with Joolz. I think they won't get it. It's like Joolz and I are the only people on Planet Earth that understands the joke. I'm opening up to them, though. Slowly, I'm beginning to talk crap a lot.

Starting whole anew in a totally different surrounding with no one I know is pretty scary. I had had my comfort zone at BTHO for 17 years and this is the first time I had to go out by myself and make new friends. Starting from the first step in college has a weird feeling to it too. I'm treated like a kid again, I am at the lowest point in college life-I'm a freshman.

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