Sunday, March 8, 2009

Making A Difference

Watched Slumdog Millionaire today with my mum and sis. Lots of Indian supporters at the cinema. It's the first time ever I felt like we're the only Chinese there and we're not in Malaysia anymore. At first, I thought it'll be some common Bollywood film which involves the main actress dancing around some (incidently there) tree. The guy and his 'geng' will woo the girl and her 'geng' with singing and dancing. Yeah, that's Bollywood alright!

But no, the movie is very real. It depicts real life scenes from Mumbai with actors facing real life situations similar to their characters. The plot shows how a typical life is in India with the caste system. It makes the audience think. Basically, it changed how I see the world. I feel lucky to be born here with a real family and great friends. I now know why God put me here. We complaint almost on a daily basis about our job, our life, our studies. What we don't realize is that people in places like India, Africa, Iraq or even the sidestreet beggar outside your house don't even have a chance to complaint. Often, we are too self-absorbed to realize that the world does not revolve around us.

I've been worrying about SPM results these few days but I don't anymore because I know it's no use worrying. Why would I wanna worry about these tedious things when God has it all planned out? It's not like worries will change it. That is why I want to make a difference. I want to help, even in the smallest of ways. I've decided to sponsor a child through World Vision. I just have to send RM50 per month to them and they'll take care of everything else. It's that easy! I have an allowance more than enough and I work. I'm pretty sure I'll survive without and extra RM50 a month. On the other hand, that single most important 50 ringgit bill will help a child in food, education, living.

Now I know why Slumdog Millionaire won the Best Movie in the Academy Awards. It's real. It may not be pretty, but it's's everyday life in the world. I don't hope for you guys to join a missionary to war or something like that but at least try not to think life as what it is now. Think of the bigger picture and know that each of us is but a small dot in it.

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