Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yeah! I'm finally free from the tech hiatus. Going through those 5 days weren't easy. Especially showering in cold water and no texting. Nothing else better can explain how I felt those days like my diary. So...this is the first entry:

Day 1 without tech

Felt awkward today because I did not bring my mobile phone out. Even if I have it, it wouldn’t make a difference because I can’t use it at all. I had to call my mum from the public phone to come pick me up from campus on her way home. I have this theory; people are more approachable when they are not doing something else namely listening to iPod or talking on the phone. I was waiting at the bus stop for my mum, reading a book and this girl I’ve met only once before when we took the bus together sat by me and started talking. It was nice, getting to talk to real people instead of constantly texting someone probably miles away.

Radios are my only source of music now. I kept switching between channels for something suitable. The closest I can find to my mp3 is Fly fm. I went to take a nap right after working at Kumon because I was totally exhausted. Plus, I can’t exactly join my brother and sister in front of the tv. They were watching some new movie too! Usually, I would’ve sat on the couch to watch tv while eating dinner. Today, I just sat on the couch to watch the remote control thinking, “I want to watch Ouran!” I am totally addicted to anime, movies and sitcoms. Yesterday was like me packing for winter. I watched 10 episodes of Ouran, Madagascar 2, Eagle Eye and Made of Honor. I guess it’s to fill up the tank before the hunger starts.

I was literally hopping in the shower today because of the cold water. It reminds me of my camping trip at Sungai Congkak. Just not as dirty and awkward because all the girls use this public bath. I know, once I get used to it, it’s not that bad. I should really take a bath before the sun goes down, while the air is still warm. Showering like this at night is fine but doing the same thing in the morning may cause hypothermia. Morning showers are not my thing. Even with hot water, I will still shiver in the cold, humid air.

Yesterday was my last day to go online (at least for the week). It was really dramatic, I was leaving messages to my friends and they were all like, “I’ll miss you” and “Don’t forget this” or “Don’t forget that” It was like I’m going to live under a rock for several years and not coming back. I kept telling them that they can still call me during emergencies and we could still contact each other with e-mails. Not having technologies is close to getting cut off from civilization. I can live in a cave and it would feel the same.

I’m more focused now, though. I’m finally reading the books I got last month and catching up on my Psychology textbook.

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