Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 2 without tech

-Continue from last post-

So far, I haven’t broken any set of rules. Washed my clothes yesterday by hand and haven’t had any access to the internet except for e-mail and college purposes. I’m getting sick of showering with cold water, thought. I was really tempted to switch on the water heater but didn’t. It’s just 5 days, I will survive.

Okay, I broke some rules today. I watched a music video clip with my friend on her laptop. Couldn’t help it, I was bored out from having to wait two hours between classes. The only entertainment I can find is reading my book, ‘Lolita’ and writing in my diary. Lolita is somewhat hard to understand because of the French words and English words from the Victorian era (I think). Plus, my friend played music on her laptop and technically, I’m listening to it. If we look at this logically, I didn’t ask her to play them, right? However, I did like the songs and even asked her to Bluetooth them to my phone.

When the rules say that I can’t use the mobile except for emergencies, I’m expecting calling my mum to pick me up from the LRT station as an emergency. So far, that’s the only thing I use my phone for and as an alarm clock to wake me up in the morning. I realized that I wear my clothes a couple of times more than usual to avoid having to wash them so often. It’s just that between balancing my time for college, travelling and work, I really can’t find much time to do the laundry.

I did something crazy today. I actually walked home which is 1km away from my work place (Kumon centre) after work at 9.30pm. Which is pretty crazy in my context because I usually asks my mum to pick me up but seeing as I can’t ride anyone’s car unless for long distance, I took up the challenge. It’s not like my neighbourhood is dangerous or anything but there have been cases of robbery and kidnapping. Well, not after the security guards beef up the patrols.

Anyway, I was walking home and I saw this African American man walking ahead of me. No offence, but at that time, any man of any race would’ve been suspicious to me. Fortunately, there were some people around us standing outside their porch. Nothing happened but I was so freaked out that time I prayed and sang worship songs the entire way home. I know, I’m a sacredly cat.

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