Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 3 without tech

I went to campus today and the first thing my friend, Dhinesh told me was, “I give up.”
“Give what up?” I asked.
“The week without tech thing.”
“I couldn’t take it anymore. I went online yesterday and the day before that. It’s just so hard.”

One question went through my mind at that moment. What has happened to our generation of youth? No offence, but it’s only day 3 and honestly, I’ve broken a couple of rules too. I can understand him because I face the same temptations and when I say youth, I include myself in that category too.

I know kids and youth these days are pretty dependent on technologies but I didn’t know it was this bad. I know for a fact that kids now are playing with Playstations, Xboxes and can’t survive a day without watching ‘Ben 10’ while kids my time only plays with Barbie dolls, Tamiya cars and watches ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Pokemon’. Teaching at Kumon has taught me one valuable thing; kids these days are spoiled! Even my 8-year old cousin has a Nokia handphone more expensive that mine. Youth nowadays wants the best in everything; they compare their handphones, laptops and cars with their friends. They get bored easily like changing phones every month because it’s not ‘the best’ in the market.

It’s not that I don’t depend on technologies, I do. To prove my point, I have a confession to make. I watched ‘Mulan’ today on the telly. My friend texted me that it’s on and I immediately switched it on. It’s breaking the rules but it’s only like my favourite movie ever since I was 10. I get tempted sometimes but I still know my priorities. I can survive 5 days without technologies. It just depends on whether I want to. I may get tempted sometimes but I know I can say no to tech.

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さきょう said...

You seriously watched it?
Can't help it, can we??
I'm laughing so hard at Mushu. HAHA.

Well, I'm agree on your point perfectly!!
The kids today are just ROTTEN TO THE CORE.
The other day, I was to fetch my cousins from school.
During my time, Mom used to saty in the car, while we rushed out the school asap (afraid of being scolded) what with our super heavy bags.
When we reached there, we have to get down the car, go to the gate and wait for them like their some big superstars!
AND, the part that I'm most pissed is that my cousin just drop the bag at my feet and left!!
I yelled at him and make him take his own bag.
I don't even bother helping him with the bag into the car.

What were they thinking??