Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 5 without tech

Today is the final day! I’m so happy I can finally watch my ‘Ouran’ and text my friends. Yesterday was my best friend’s birthday and I couldn’t even wish him. I felt so bad! I just e-mailed him and said I was sorry. I can’t take showering in cold water anymore! Thank heavens today is the last day!

This week actually taught me a lot of things. I can’t believe how much we are dependent on technologies these days. It’s surprising and disturbing to realize that because if we depend on it too much, what happens when it doesn’t work anymore? Hurricane Katrina taught us exactly this. When the connections in Gulf Coast were down, the citizens were desperate for any form of line to the world. Okay, let’s say technologies will never fail us, but we still face the risk of virus spreading through the entire world in the matter of minutes. A terrorist can easily take over everything.

I also learned that without technologies distracting me all the time, I can actually do more work. I’m more focused, therefore productive. If this experiment was to be held for a whole month, I might have changed the amount of technologies I use daily. However, since it’s such a short period of time, I have no inclination to change but it definitely has change how I think of technologies. I won’t take it for granted anymore. I learn to listen more to other people by not constantly occupying myself with technologies. I thank you for that!

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