Friday, April 3, 2009 of the greatest mystery in the world.

As you all may already know, I'm a supporter of the environment. So, I take the public transport to school. (Okay, it's that or walking.) Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, my dad send me to college on his way to work and sometimes I really feel like rolling down the window to scream at the other drivers heading to work/college. Why don't they just try car pooling? I mean, your colleague may just be the driver in the car right behind you. About 80% of the cars I see on the road are empty (save for the driver). That just tells you who are the culprits of the morning, evening rush and all that stress. If we just choose to car pool, we can save so much petrol, save the environment and save time. I know, I sound so much like a tree-hugger these days.

Okay, the main thing I wanna post today is about the RapidKL buses. They're inconsistent and the drivers think they're 'all that'! Just today while waiting for Alex to pick me up after class at the LRT station, the bus stopped right in the middle of the busy road in front of the station. I didn't realize it at first until a few cars behind it started honking. Then only I saw that the bus was, well....driverless. He just literally parked right in the middle of the road without any concern for other people. And you know what the 'emergency' was? He had to park in the middle of the road causing traffic get a cup of coffee. That's it, and he didn't even feel guily about it. Just strode back into the bus like some big-shot while cars behind were honking like mad. Just because the bus is 3 times huger than a normal car, the driver thinks he owns the roads. In rude BM, that's called...'jalan bapak dia!'

This is not the first nightmare encounter I have with RapidKL either. Usually when I'm late, I would take the LRT to Bangsar then take the bus to college. The bus would be there waiting most of the time...but you know what? Driverless again. If it's for 5 minutes it's okay la...they need a break too. But it just get on my nerves sometimes when they go for 15-20 minute breaks. To all the lecturers of HUC, this is why I'm late sometimes. We have to wait for them! Like we need them! If I knew how to drive a bus, I would've driven it myself.

Speaking of public transports, the KTM is another problem I have with Malaysia's public transport system. In school textbooks, we learn that we should always save the environment by taking the public transport and car pooling. I totally agree with that but I really wanna ask the people who wrote the textbooks.."How can I take the public transport when it sucks so much I wanna cry?" Let me give you a very good example, just happened to me today-again. (Yeah, today's not a very good travelling day for me.) I usually take the KTM train from KL Sentral back to Tasik Selatan. It costs me 1 ringgit and the route is actually more convenient compared to the LRT which I have to change routes at Masjid Jamek and costs me RM3.70. Anyhoo...usually the trains will come in 10-20 minutes or so. (Again, very inconsistent.) Just for today, to let me suffer a bit more than usual, I had to wait for 30 min for a train! Of course, I didn't want to and took the LRT instead. Take it from me, the only public transports worth taking in Malaysia are the LRT and cabs.

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