Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Ahh..finally, no more assignments for the rest of the semester!! These past two weeks had been crazy! So, I decided to treat myself to unadon Actually, I’m blogging from Sushi Zanmai right now. Unadon was my lunch but I saw this thing called Ika Natto on the menu and it reminded me of Yakitate!! Japan. For those who don’t watch it, I seriously recommend it…especially if you like culinary stuff like my sis. She doesn’t watch anime at all but loved Yakitate!! Japan after I intro it to her.

Anyway, for those who did watch it, remember the part where Azuma’s grandpa ate natto with bread? looked delicious…so, I tried it and found out that it’s disgusting. It’s exactly like how the anime made it look like, sticky and slimy. I thought it was supposed to be sweet but it’s not. It’s fermented soybeans, so you can already imagine the rotten taste of it. It tasted like I was eating my own flem out of a bowl. And I paid for it! I wouldn’t eat it again even if I get paid.

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