Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hana Yori Dangosss

With all the craze about Boys Before Flowers(HYD Korean Ver.), I got sucked into it too. doubt, I'm not the crazy Korean drama fan kinda girl. I've always wondered why people watch Korean dramas..their plots are all about love and betrayal, that kinda thing. Basically, predictable dramas (like certain TVB ones too). But, BBF is way different cos it's based on HYD manga which btw, is awesome!

This is how i got into the whole HYD phenomenon...
Pride & Prejudice movie>HYD manga(apparently it's loosely based on P&P)>HYD Jap Drama>HYD Jap Movie>BBF!!!
BBF lead to other things too...
BBF>Kim Bum (^^)>Kim Hyun Joong>SS501>Korean shows.
I'm a Korean drama virgin before BBF and this is really a breakthrough for me to explore into Korean stuff. I'm addicted to Korean songs now..haha!!

Anywayy...HYD started with the manga, then the anime, Taiwan drama, Jap drama and now Korean drama. What's next? Malaysian drama? LOL..
Comparing the actors with the characters of HYD, I can honestly say...the Korean one is the best. Taiwan ver. is okay at first but in Season 2, the plotline don't really follow the manga anymore. Jap ver. follows the plotline and it's super funny but the actors are not beautiful as the manga says they are. BBF actors are beautiful, not handsome, beautiful!! And they portray the characters really well I feel like I'm reading the manga and watching the drama. Of course, they added some scenes not in the manga but just as perfect!

Just for your info, I'm a fan of Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong's now..haha. KB is just, well...cute and KHY is musically talented and of course, beautiful. Rumours say that BBF is coming out with Season 2 next year Feb. So long eh...


aki-chan said...

YESSHHH!!!!!BBF BANSAI!!!!...i oso hate korean drama wan(except princess hour)...but this wan is real NICE!!!KIM HYUN JOONG AND KIM BUM ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!just after lee jun ki...hehe...BBF TONITE!!!!!!!!!!!

さきょう said...

LeeJunKi banzai.

Kim Ass. LOL.