Monday, April 20, 2009

Did That Happen To You? (Tagged by Sunbae)

Why do everyone these days like to tag me? I'm I that 'taggable'? Gonna have to think up of a plan to kenakan you guys back..*evil laughs*

1. Answer the questions as honestly (or as funny) as possible.

2. Post this as "Did That Happen To You?"
3. Tag 20 friends.
4. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
5. Have fun!

Question 1:What do you do if you are in the bathroom with a beetle flying around?
If it comes near me, i'll spray the crap out of it and watch it drown and die *evil laughs*

Question 2:What do you do if you hear a song you like playing on the radio when you are all alone in the room?
Sing my heart out.

Question 3:You want to speak to your crush badly.What is your pick up line?
What goes on in my head: "Hey! You're that guy from *** right?"
What goes on in reality: *staring at him* (hanya memandang dari jauh).

Question 4:What do you do if all your friends hate a particular band that you love?
Keep to myself.

Question 5:What do you do when you trip and fall in front of many people?
I've got three steps to this: (BLW) Blush, Laugh, Walkaway.

Question 6:You forgot to do your multiple-choice question homework (the one whereby you have to choose 1 out of 4 options given to you as your answer) and it had to be submit in 5 minutes. What do you do?

Happened a lot of times (especially in Chem). The lecturer really didn't care, so I did the thing on the spot.

Question 7:You have bad breath and someone speaks to you.How do you react?

Speak minimally and smiling always stop someone from asking any further but when I really have to say something, speak downwards lah.

Question 8:You just finished gym and after a shower, you drop your clean clothes on the wet floor. What do you do?
Still wear it, unless there is some kinda unidentified substance on the floor, then I'll borrow some of my friend's.

Question 9:What do you do if a personality quiz says that you have a lousy personality as your result?
Whatever lah. It's not like a personality test can define me. I define myself, I don't shape myself to be what that quiz say I am.

Question 10:Your friend gave you the worst gift you have ever received and asks: Do you like it? How do you react?

Please and thank you!

Question 11:(Continued from question 10) What are you really thinking secretly inside?

I'm probably gonna put it aside in my display collection of unused birthday presents.

Question 12: hot guy/girl keeps looking at you while you are on the bus. What are you secretly thinking inside?

Chances of that happening is less than 0%. But if that happens, that guy might me thinking I'm weird.

Question 13:Your crush and you are eating dinner together, the food you've ordered came first, you do not want him or her to look at you eating while his or her food hasn't come. What will you do?

Chat with him until his dinner comes.

Question 14:You are alone in your house and you realized that there is a burglar. What do you do?

What I dream of doing: Now this has happened before, my siblings and I were huge '3 Ninjas' fans. I was Tum Tum, my sis, Colt and my bro, Rocky. We had all these shurikens made out of popsicle sticks and lotsa duct tape. And we just started practicing Taekwondo too. We promised each other that if someone did break into our house, we're gonna kick the burglar's butt. My weapon of choice was a large decorative fork as tall as I was. On the night of the break-in, guess what happened? We were sleeping like pigs!! I'm glad the burglar did not break into our rooms and threaten us.
What I would really do: Dial 999.

Question 15:What do you do when your best friend had just spoilt your favourite one and only camera with all the important photos you cherished inside?

First thought would be to curse in an array of colourful words then my conscience would kick in and I'll say, "It's alright." (partly to that person and partly to myself).

Question 16:What do you do when you receive a call from a kidnapper and your friend is in their hands?

Make sure if it's true then call 999 then call his/her parents.

Question 17:What do you do if you break your friend's favourite vase but he or she didn't saw it?

Walk around in the same spot for a while, thinking how would he/she react and how can I repay he/she. Then tell the truth and face whatever that's gonna come.

Question 18:You were told to buy carrots by your mother, but you forgotten it and went back home with garlic. How will you explain to your mother?
Go out and buy the carrots again before she even know's I'm back with garlic.

Question 19:What do you do when you saw a cat chasing a mouse?
Let go of my dog.

Question 20:You missed your favourite tv show and it was the season finale. What do you do?
Ask, "Kor~ download *** for me."

Question 21:There is a crash in your schedule, one is your friend's wedding, the other is your another friend's last day of funeral. What will you do?
If i've attended all previous days of the funeral, I'll just tell the family my condolences then go to the wedding.

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