Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have I ever told you before...

...that I hate HELP UC? Since the beginning of my college life, I've been comparing HELP and INTI. From little things like, INTI has better food to bigger things like, INTI ADP offers better subjects. Maybe it's innate in me to criticize all the educational institutions I've been in (except for my kindy years). It's true, I've been unhappy about my primary school, secondary school and now my college.
I've begun to accept HELP as it is...and I do see its positive points. Like...ooohh! HELP is having this Global Collaborative Summer Program that allows their students to exchange to Kyunghee University in South Korea for a month. The same university that Kyuhyun is going to! I'm trying to apply for it but my mother has clearly shown her dislike for it because it's expensive (about USD1000 excluding food and air fare) and she thinks there's no good reason for me to go. She thinks I'm only going because I'm crazy about Korean stuff...which is party true but even without the Korean element there, I would still go...if it's at like China or Russia. What's more awesome is that professors from Princeton, Yale, U.Penn, London etc. are teaching the courses! This is my chance of knowing why Ivy Leagues are so renowned!!
Today's negative point was waiting for the bus. I was going to take the shuttle bus over to Main Campus to get my calculator back from Kyeng but I waited for 30 minutes and it won't show up! Kyeng's class is at 11am and by the time the bus arrived, it was 10.55am. It just had to show up when I gave up and went back to class. Sometimes...you can't blame the shuttle buses for being late because of traffic or technical problems. But I sure can blame HELP for building their campus on separate lands. Everyday from 7am to 7pm, at least 3 shuttle buses would ferry students from one campus to another and vice versa. Do you know how much petrol and heat is lost there? I feel so bad for taking the bus sometimes. Ohh..and if HELP could've gotten cheaper parking fees at parking lots near my campus, KPD, I wouldn't have to.
However, I have to give at least a little bit of credit for them to realize this after so many years. Now, they're building this new 'green' campus in Subang. As if harvesting the rain water and sunlight can redeem all the carbon they released. What's worse, I don't even have a chance to enjoy it...it would only be finished in 2011, the very year I'm going over to the US. The swimming pool...art gallery...4000 parking spaces!! Nothing!
Gosh...I sound so bitter. Yeah, if any of you HELP lovers out there reading this, please don't bash me or get me expelled. This is only constructive criticism, at its peak.


Vinxi ♥ U ^^ said...

At least HELP is better than UTAR so much!!

audrey said...

Adakah? But ur coming over to HELP after this, kan?

Vinxi ♥ U ^^ said...

ya... maybe... because I still have to finish up my extend semester first.