Sunday, March 21, 2010

Post-Super Junior Concert

This post would involve me acting like a total fangirl. My left ear is seriously damaged from all the screaming. It' still ringing from the concert and it's been 2 hours. But...AHAHAHAH!!! I got to see them up close! And some of the members waved at us! I can't believe we got to see them in person! Some of the fans got to take photos and shake hands with them. Sigh..should've gotten the closer seats.
We went there at about 4pm. To normal people, it's very early for a 7pm concert. But to Super Junior fans, it's considered late. Some of them camped over. The line in front of the stadium was literally a circumference around the stadium. We got some burgers for dinner and hanged around. Everywhere, people are wearing blue and a lot of booths were set up for merchandise. Speaking of which, those bloodsuckers marked up the price. A bottle of water costs RM2 when i could walk further down to the canteen to get it for RM1.20. This 'official' merchandise store was selling a package of 1 t-shirt and 1 plastic flag for RM120! And people actually line up to buy it. I'm not crazy enough for that. They were selling glow sticks as well. Outsiders selling non-sapphire blue glow sticks were overthrown by the ELFs. We were gonna ask the guy how much he's selling them. When a few ELFs came up to the auntie before us asking them not to buy non-sapphire blue glowsticks. Because they want to create a sea of sapphire blue in the stadium. Some people really are dedicated. Oh yeah, we had a total of 6 false alarms. Suddenly in the crowd, someone would scream, causing a chain-effect of screams. Everyone would rush to see but there's really nothing to see. At one point, someone did see someone famous..but it was some local Chinese artist. Yeah, like Super Junior would enter from the front gate! If they want to live, they'd sneak in from the back door/underground.
Okay, I have to admit...the whole sea of sapphire blue thing is pretty awesome (see photo). But Stadium Putra is way too small. Oh...and Marctensia is seriously getting on my nerves. They hired these RELA people to control the crowd and didn't let us bring water bottles in. I don't know why but they checked our bags and refused to let us bring water in. It's 3 hours of screaming! We've got to have water. Apparently they sell water at RM2 per bottle inside. Yeah, so that explains everything. Well, we had our way of sneaking our water bottles in. When we arrived inside, we still had to wait for another hour before they start. They played these ads for our 'enjoyment'. We had our own ways of entertaining. First of, we chanted 'SUJU' a lot of times and screamed everytime they put up ads on Super Junior. Oh, and we did this really cool wave. Even when they were checking the stage lights, we screamed. Basically, we're irritated by the whole waiting.
And then it happened. Everything was going past so song after another. When they first came in, we screamed like there's no tomorrow. Yeah..I'm gonna let the pictures and videos do the explanation.
Fancams by me.
Photos by me, my friend and a lot of other people from Sapphire Pearls.

*I'm having hallucinations. I can hear screams and chants around me.

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