Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remembering Her...

Suddenly felt like putting on some really sad song and cry my eyes out. Kexin told me her grandpa's in ICU now. Brings back memories of visiting my grandma. Sometimes I would suddenly stop in the middle of doing something to think about her. They're not all sad memories but her last days were the most remembered. I have had a lot of 'what if' moments in my life but this I think is by far the most regretted upon. What if I spent more time with her? Every time I passed by her bedroom door, what if I had just looked in and see the lonely person she really was? What if I stepped inside and talked to her? Would she be safe now? Would she be remembered as the grandma everyone knew and loved? Sometimes I wake up or when I hear people talk about their grandparents, I think, "Oh right, I don't have grandparents no more."

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