Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 4 of Holiday

Went to Carrefour with Mum today.
Was too bored that I wrote 'Jusco Rules!' on Carrefour's refrigerator.
Went to claim the 'free gift' from buying Pacific West fish sandwiches.
The lady there was so rude...I told her, "Nak claim free gift untuk Pacific West, sauce itu." (Sighh...I know, terrible BM) (-.-)
She said, "Apa dia?"
"Ehh...sauce itu...rasanya mayonnaise la."
She was like, "Haa? Boleh tengok barang tak?"
My mum was all the way at the other side of the mall, I had to walk back and take the frozen sandwiches from her.
When I showed it to her. She said, "Oohh...MAYONNAISEEE~! You kata apa tadi? Sos??"
Took a lot of effort to not climb over the counter to claw at her face. "Ye lah. Mayonnaise tu sauce la." (And the product brand was called 'Sauz'. Dudee!)
After fiddling around and trying to find the MAYO, she said, "Sorry la..rasanya dah habis stok."
In my mind I was like, aren't you supposed to know your work space clearly? Know where you put everything exactly.
"Saya boleh gantikan dengan barang lain la."
"Barang apa?"
"Sos tiram atau sos cili."
Next thing I know, she gave me sos tiram. Ahh! I don't care anymore. Whatever. I know my mum would have said we don't eat oyster sauce anymore..why can't you change to anything else? And she did. If I talk to that counter lady anymore, I could lose control and claw her eyes out with my key chain.
So, what have we learned today, kids? Jusco is better than Carrefour! *insert ooohhhs and aaahhhs*
Hmm...can't really see, but I wrote 'Jusco Rules'

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