Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What happened to me today?

I've heard of it.
Learned about it.
But never in my life would I ever think I would experience it.

It happened minutes before my Anthropology exam.
It's safe to say, my concentration went out the window.
When I arrived 'safely' at college,
I was freaking out, telling my friends I was really scared.
They were like, "Don't worry about it. It's just an exam".
Then I told them it's not that.
Then they started guessing what happened to me.
They finally got it and were disgusted by it.
Some of them told me their own similar experiences.
At least I wasn't alone, I felt better.

When I walked past the crime scene,
I held my breath and ran.
I was terrified of that place.
When I walked to my car,
I was hoping some other female would be there
Then history won't repeat itself again.
I heard footsteps.
I got my keys out and was ready to gouge eyes out.

It was a girl.
I let my breath out and thanked God.
I sped away in my car.
When I paid for my parking at the counter.
It was a dude.
I've seen him countless times.
But today, he seemed different.
I don't dare to stay near him long.

When I reached home,
I texted Sal and Kexin.
Told them what happened to me today.
Sal being Sal, totally don't know what I'm talking about.
I had to explain to him.
Kexin was disgusted as well.
We both sighed at my lost innocent mind.

I kept imagining what I could've done.
I could've called the cops.
I could've kicked him in the nuts.
I could've stapled him.
I could've used pepper spray on him.
Heck, I could've used a gun on him.

But what really happened was,
I was surprised.
I went a bit blur.
I walked off.
When I realized what happened and what might happen,
I ran off.

So, what happened to me today?
I got flashed.

*To those studying/working near HELP, don't hang around the bus stop opposite the highway from UOA.
*Never park at ECM Libra ever, unless you have someone with you.
*Even a person like me who has a brown black in Taekwondo gets afraid too.
*Bring self-defense devices if you can.

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