Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Teuk Day~

Hoho..wondering why I would suddenly post on my blog after so long?
It's because today is Leeteuk a.k.a 'the dude on my key chain' of Super Junior's birthday.
Ahh~ already the second time I see him grow older another year.
I wished him on twitter:
"@special1004 생일 축하 합니다! 사랑해 오빠~#happyteukday"
It basically translates as "Happy Birthday! I love you, oppa~"
Really, I don't know what to wish him.
Took me a while to get the right words to wish him in Korean too.
Not like his English is good either.

The ELFs gave him a Macbook Air for his birthday! Dang! They're good!
And Donghae just mentioned that he 'likes' the Apple iPad, the fans get it for him.
It's not even his birthday.

If you see me anytime today, I'll be all happy because it's his birthday.
And it's my birthday month.
People, I expect a party planned for me, okay?

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Vinxi ♥ U ^^ said...

Yeah right... Now I know why are you being so happy lately. Because he's having the same birthday month as yours right. LoL!