Sunday, July 11, 2010


Ahh...I lost my earphones again. Time to get a proper pair of headphones! I suddenly remembered about the headphones Donghae wore in Seoul Song MV.
It's shooo cutee! I looked throught a lot of websites. The brand is called Mix-Style. Some say it's not reliable, some think otherwise. Apparently there are a lot of fakes out there. The price ranges from RM45 to USD105 (plus shipping). If only there is a shop in KL that sells them. I'm going to China soon anyway, maybe they sell them there.
It's quite common...someone said it's practically everywhere on the streets on Hong Kong. Japanese created them..but I think they're kinda over it already. Hmm...should I get them?

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Vinxi ♥ U ^^ said...

Forgotten to tell you that I saw that type of headphone at times square... Neh... that korean shop who eats ppl's money. Got pink one you know! XD