Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Slice for Everyday - Raspberry

Sorry for the really late post..was resting from my trip to China and Blogger is banned in China.
Thanks to my high school friends, I got to sample 7 different types of cheese cakes from Secret Recipe.
Was planning to eat one slice per day but I had that China trip.
So, I ate everything in one go, with some help from my family.

I started out with something I like, Blueberry Cheese Cake.
Oh wait, scratch turns out that it's Raspberry after all.
I've never had Raspberry Cheese Cake before, something new.
It had like teeny little seeds in there, which is kinda annoying really.
And the shape is horrible...because it was carried around all the way to Shah Alam and back without refrigeration.
I'm surprised it didn't turn into a puddle of liquid.
I liked that it was creamy and dense with a hint of sour from the fruit.
But the disfigured shape really made it hard to eat.
Cakes like these are meant to be eaten with the cookie crust attached to the cheese.
I had bites with lots of crust and some just the cheese alone.
All in all, this cake is not my favorite slice...I've had better ones.
Blueberry Cheese Cake still wins over Raspberry Cheese Cake. Amen?

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