Monday, August 31, 2009


People, be careful in the internet world! There are creepy people out there. Just today some guy stalked me on MSN. I think he got my e-mail address from blogger or some other social network I joined. Oh yeah, that reminds me, don't join unnecessary social networks that you don't use at all. It's useless and dangerous. People can use your details and stalk your friends too!
Okay, so yeah, this guy got me on MSN and started chatting with me. I asked him where he got my e-mail address. He said he don't know. How can you not know where you get the e-mail addresses you add on MSN? I thought, it's alright to make new friends. Then he asked me how old am I and I was married and all that crap. I just answered to be friendly. Then he asked to add me on Facebook. So yeah, this is where it gets stalkerish.
He asked for my id. I said, just search for my e-mail address on Fb. Maybe he don't get it but he said he didn't have time to search. I told him I don't know what is my MSN id because I thought the e-mail is the id. He said I was lying in a lame jokey kinda way. Then I offered to add him. He gave me his 'id', which is the e-mail. I snapped at him saying that my id is the e-mail!! He finally got it. Sent me a request. Told me on MSN that he wants to know how I look like and how many friends I have. Which is not normal. Go see a trained professional, dude! (Okay, I just realized I'm training to be a psychologist. What if he comes to see me for psychological help!?)
Yeah, then I just told him if he's looking for a relationship, I'm not interested. He got it and all but I think he secretly wants a relationship. I honestly told him that he's making me uncomfortable with all his weird questions. He was like, "no, never!" My last words to him were, "I hope you have a happy life." Then I blocked him.
Just to be safe, I googled my name, my e-mail address and my mobile number to see if there are websites that he can get access to my private info. That's when I got to know that Friendster deleted my account. Considering I didn't sign in for almost a year now. That's beside the point. The point of me writing this post is to warn all of you the dangers of putting your private info on the net. And don't chat with strangers! I'm such a hypocrite here because I'm hooked on Omegle now. But you don't have to get an account on Omegle, so it's safe as long as you don't reveal any important info to the stranger. Yeah, and I realized he might know my blogger account and it's here that I have a lot of links to my friends. Be careful you guys and seriously, don't get too friendly with strangers. Just to be safe, his e-mail address is mausam_****** (Yeah, I don't wanna ruin his image on the internet). He's human too. Just ask me lah, if you think your stranger has a familiar e-mail address with this one.

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