Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm gonna be Moses

Well, she's finally gone
She taught me to love Coldplay
Called me a fatty and a dummy
Which is party true
She influenced every part of my life
How my favorite color is purple
How I like watching people cook
How I speak and write
Lots of people were there at the airport
I can't help but wonder
If I will have that many people sending me off when I go
Church friends praying with me
Friends hugging and crying with me
Family that just stands there waiting for me when I need them
I still couldn't believe she's gone
That's probably why I didn't cry while sending her off
I cried in the car though
Thinking how I'd be the only Christian in the family
Who would be with me through all my father's objections now?
I won't feel bad not doing my devotionals daily now
I know that's not a good thing
She introduced me to my life
All of it God's great plan
I am envious of what she have with Jessica
I want someone I can tell everything to
Apart from God, that is
Having a human friend on earth is just different
I do have friends...just not ones that I feel understand me
I wonder how it open up to someone
Letting someone know everything little detail of my life
No boundaries, just bridges
That's why I'm gonna take my chance in everything
I'm gonna have better fellowship
Yesterday's me is gone
I surrendered my life to God
He's gonna live my life now
And I know God wants a united body of Christ
So, I'm gonne be Moses
I have to do God's will and trust in Him
I lost my Aaron
She's my mentor
My friend
My sister
But I'm gonna live on
Knowing she's in a better place now
Going after what she's supposed to do
See you next year, 언니!!

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