Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Ohmyblogiloveyousomuch! Yes, you can tell that I'm either drunk or sleepy. And I'm prohibited from alcohol so it's gotta be the second one. Why am I still not sleeping you ask? Well, I had to write this journal assignment for my transfer seminar class. Just completed, now catching up with friends back at home. I was just telling Albert how ever since I came here, I've been complaining a lot about my life. I love it here. I do appreciate this great education opportunity. But housekeeping details in my life have been agitating to me. Because I live on my own now, I have to worry about the internet bills, the rent, my mobile no. and FOOD! I buy groceries every weekend but somehow I never find time to really cook for lunch or like today, no food the entire day. I woke up late, thinking I can just go to class at 11.20 and that's it. But no...I had to go to the Visa office because they didn't scan my documents properly and then, I had to decide whether I should drop this writing class or not. Easy A vs. More Time. In the end, I dropped it but I had to wait till my writing class today is over for whatever nostalgic reasons I had. So, I was late for my next class which is Psychology (my major=very important). I couldn't go to class before dropping the class because today is the last day to drop subjects. Yupp, it's so me.

I do realize that I have more complaints about everything in general. It shouldn't be like that. My non-Christian friends here embrace the godly principle of not complaining better than I do. Oh, sure...PSY338 is hard. Just suck it up and do it! Get an A! Get into grad school! No, get into grad school in Stanford! This shall be a beautiful memory of me beating myself up. Gooooonight lovely people! :)

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